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Business School Application for Ethical Approval

Added on - 16 Oct 2019

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Business School Application for Ethical Approval for Taught DegreesJune 2012This form should be completed for any research involving primary data collection conducted by students on taught degreesof the Business School. This procedure particularly aims to minimize ethical issues where the primary data involves humandata and includes human beings and their records (such as medical, genetic, financial, personnel, criminal and test resultsincluding scholastic achievements).Please note that no research may be conducted in the Business School whereparticipants are children.A copy of this application will be retained by the School for up to 6 years. The Business School will provide summaryinformation to University’s Research Ethics Committee (UREC) and will provide further information to UREC as requested.1.Title of project:2.This Project is:UG Research linked to Taught Course*UG Dissertation*PG Research linked to a Taught Course*PG Dissertation**May require University UREC approval – if this is the case, then a new application using the UREC form will be required.PLEASE ENSURE THAT THIS FORM IS APPROVED BEFORE COMMENCING RESEARCH. IF NOT, YOUR RESEARCHMAY BE SUSPENDED WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT.3.Principal Investigator(s):Family Name:Given Name:Banner ID:Programme:4.Details of the ProjectProposed start date:Probable duration:Brief outline of project(Describe the objectives and methods. Write approx 150 words in everyday language)5.Will the research involve primary data collection?YesNo(if ‘no’ go to Question 10)Will the research involve human participants?YesNo(if ‘no’ go to Question 10)6.Could the participants be considered to...a) be vulnerable? (e.g. mentally ill?)YesNob) feel obliged to take part? (e.g. employees in organisationally sponsored projects)YesNoIf the answer to either of these is ‘yes’, please explain how ethical considerations will be minimised
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