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Business Statistics- Assignment

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Added on  2020-02-24

Business Statistics- Assignment

   Added on 2020-02-24

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Business Statistics- Assignment_1
BUSINESS STATISTICSAssignment Part IITask 2Frequency Column Chart and Relative Frequency Pie-Chart are shown below:Frequency Column Chart V4Building Type Frequency Relative frequency 1Brick 120.242Brick Veneer200.43Weatherboard 150.34Vacant land 30.06TOTAL501.00Brick 24%Brick Veneer40%Weatherboard 30%Vacant land 6%Relative Frequency Pie-Chart(a)A total of 12 properties in my sample consist of brick buildings.(b) The most frequency building type in my sample is brick veneer which accounts for 40% of the total sample or in total 20 buildings.(c)It is apparent from the relative frequency and also the corresponding pie chart that 30% of the properties in my sample consist of weatherboard buildings.Task 3
Business Statistics- Assignment_2
BUSINESS STATISTICS(a)Sold price data (in $ 000’s) is shown below:(b)Percentile location formula
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