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Running head: BUISNESSBUISNESSName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1BUISNESS1)Email writing to EmployeesFrom:SamJ@happyviral.auTo: MeUrgent Office Meeting on 23rdOctober’17 regarding Usage of New Tools and Systems w.e.f. 1stApril’08Dear Employees,Since the inception of our company, your sincere efforts have been the most indispensible stepsthat have taken us this far and it is only your dedication and passion that can take us in the BigLeague.However, since the last two quarters, we have not been able to leverage our sway andunfortunately our YoY Production and Revenue have degenerated by 7% which soundsalarming. Some of the reasons that have caught my sight may make you familiar with thedifficulties you have been facing in execution in the daily chores.New Social Media Tools:oHubspot: The usage of this tool has been very low since the licensing and Ibelieve it’s due to the lack of technical support from their end.oHootsuite: The interface may have been a little overlapping and there has been alack of formal training in the particular tool. I believe that if the tool could havebeen used to its full capacity, our production could have at least doubled.oIFTT: The reason why this is not reaping fruit is that we have been unable toleverage its triggering action button to our clients’ benefits. For example, if we1
2BUISNESSneed to boost sales for Staples, the triggering button need not only the CTAbutton.oRaven: I personally believe the reports we are getting regarding the traffic withour call to action buttons is quite amazing but somehow the interpretation is notfavoring us to remedy our ways.New Systems:oMac OS X: In spite of the up gradation, our older MacBooks keep lagging. It isnecessary for us to come to a consensus whether hardware up-gradation is alsorequired. I believe the problem of the UI and graphics can also be taken forconsideration.Hence, a conversation among the Executioners of this firm is immediately called upon at 10 AMon 23rdOctober’17 in MR 202 to ensure some resolution. The agenda of this meeting will be:To ensure the usage of the newly licensed social media tools towards our benefit in orderto increase quality production with reduction in human effort (man hours).To ensure smooth up gradation of hardware to promote smoother operational efficiency.Kindly treat this as urgent and block your calendars for the same.Regards,Sam Jones,Director2
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