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1EVALUATION OF BUYING BEHAVIOR OF CHINESE CONSUMERSQuestion 1 – Definition of the research problem and critical evaluation of the problem The research article is based on the study of the decision-making behavior of Chineseconsumers. The intention of consumers to switch from cell phones of domestic brands to that ofinternational brands. The survey was conducted on 584 undergraduate students in China. Thesurvey has shown that the domestic brands have a customer base, which are have a low level ofbrand consciousness and fashion consciousness as well. On the other hand, the internationalbrands have a high level of brand and fashion consciousness. The research problem is to discussthe trends of the consumers towards domestic and international brands of cell phones. There ishuge competition between the local and international brands in the Chinese market. The researchis based on the trend of the Chinese customers to prefer Japanese and other western brands ascompared to the local brands. The preference of customers is based on their previous experiencewith the brands. The customers normally tend to switch to a different brand if they are notsatisfied with the current brand. The availability of alternatives in the market acts as anotherreason in this case. The marketing managers need to follow the intention of the customers toswitch brands and understand the reason behind the same. Further, the managers need to changetheir current strategy or develop new strategies to retain the customers in their brand. Thedecision-making styles of the consumer is another factor that influences the buying attitude orbrand preference of the consumers. These are the styles of the customers that are not affected by external factors, that is,these are the inherent styles of the consumer’s decision-making ability. The change in theproducts or services of the brand does not have any effect on the decision- making styles of theconsumers. The study of this research article also takes into account this factor related to thebehavior of the consumers. This style of decision-making has an impact on the intentions of the
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2EVALUATION OF BUYING BEHAVIOR OF CHINESE CONSUMERSChinese consumers to change from local brands to the international ones. The three factors thatare taken into consideration in the research are, that whether the consumers are willing to switchfrom their current brands without considering the price of the other brand. Secondly, whether thestyle of decision making of the consumers have any influence on their intention of switching andfinally whether the demographic factors related to the consumers have any influence on theirintention of switching. Question 2 – Evaluation of the literature review conducted in the articleThe literature review of this research study is based on the choice of the customers indeveloped as well as developing countries. The choice of brands of the consumers differs in boththe cases. The quality of local products in developing countries is considered to be inferior ascompared to international products, whereas, the quality of local products in developed countriesis considered to be superior as compared to international products. This trend proves that thepeople of developing countries consider the foreign products that are imported from developedcountries to be superior as compared to their local products. The preference of Chineseconsumers towards international brands is analyzed in detail in this research. According to thereview of this article, the trust in the minds of the Chinese consumers related to the localproducts is less. The Chinese have strong preferences towards international brands. However,with development of China, the behavior and preferences of the Chinese consumers are alsochanging. Their choice has become more diverse and they sometimes tend to choose localbrands, as they are much more cost-effective as compared to international brands. The commandof the international brands in the Chinese has decreased in the recent years, owing to theimprovement of the local products.
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3EVALUATION OF BUYING BEHAVIOR OF CHINESE CONSUMERSThe consumers usually have a tendency to switch a certain brand to use some otherbrands, which is considered to be a psychological trend of the consumers. The main aim of thebusinesses is to retain these customers so that profits can be generated. The main factors thataffect the customer’s intention of switching include the cost of the products, the alternatives ofthe product in the market and the customer satisfaction. The loyalty of the customers towards abrand and their reluctance to change their present brands due to the lack of better alternatives isdiscussed. The research study suggests that the styles of decision-making of the consumers havean influence on their attitude towards shopping. The style of decision making of the consumers isdependent in many factors related to their behavior. These include, consciousness of theconsumers about the quality of the products, consciousness about the brand, consciousnessrelated to the price of the product, tendency of the consumer to purchase a product based on hisimpulse, confusion of the consumer due to many choice of products in the market and the loyaltyof the consumers towards a brand. The studies have further shown that the customers who aremore conscious towards shopping and recreational activities tend to prefer international productsas compared to local brands.Question 3 – Description and evaluation of the research designThe research methodology that is used in this study mainly concentrates on the styles ofthe decision-making of a group of students studying in the university during the purchase of cellphones and also sports shoes. The reasons behind the choice of this group are, firstly, that theyoung people are potential customers of cell phone companies and they have the ability toincrease their power of buying products. Secondly, this group of people are considered to be themost relevant market in relation to the cell phone companies and finally, the different types ofretail markets can be related with various styles of decision making. The main reason being that
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