By using C++. We use arrays to implement lists and perf

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By using C++We use arrays to implement lists and perform different searching and sortingalgorithms on those lists.Your program should include one function for each of the operations, as well as amain function for testing each.Part A:1.Fill Array _ fill an array list with random integers2.Print Array-3.segSearch-part B:1. BubbleSort2. BinarySearch3. SelectionSortN.Byou can edit and follow this code// squential searching and sorting C++programe#include <iostream>using namespace std;int seqSearchItem (int list [], int length, int item){int loc;bool found = false;for (loc = 0; loc < length; loc++){if (list [loc] == item){found = true;break;}}if (found)return loc;elsereturn -1;}
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