C# (WCFWorkflow Service Application).

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C# (WCFWorkflow Service Application)It is this time of the year when many of you want to get away for the holidays.I-want-toget-awayoffers travel for students for short holiday breaks. It allows thestudent to specifywhen they want to go and from where to where. It will then book aflight or train (using anairline booking service or a train booking service). In order todecide which means oftransport is appropriate a service called transport-identifier isused. This takes an origin anddestination and returns “plane” or “train”. The student’scredit card will be charged with thecost arising from the booking and a bookingconfirmation number is returned to the student.’NOTE: this is simplified and you do not have to worry about availability of tickets ortheir prices; you also do not need to consider exceptions on the payment side.1) Analyse the scenario and decide on which 3 services are needed by the process describedabove. Decide what interfaces are needed (each service needs one interface).a. Draw a process diagram for your solution that shows the flow of the process as well as theinteractions with the partners.b. List the interfaces of the process and service.Note: this can be done on paper and scanned/ photographed or in PowerPoint.2) Implement the three needed partner services either as C# or Workflow services; they canall return hardcoded (maybe random) values (Specifically there is no need to connect to adatabase here and there is no need for complex logic for this part). Keep it simple, but havethree services (or one with three interfaces).(File--‐>New--‐>ProjectandselectC#--‐>WCF --- WCFWorkflow Service Application)(which is the graphical workflowapproach)3) implement the holiday booking flow that you design in 1 (The workflow will connect toservices provided by the 'partners'; as the workflowtool needs endpoints to offer the rightoptions you will have to implement these services but be reminded that theyneed no cleverlogic (so just a return a random or fixed value).4) Make changes required to the project to deploy the services and process to theAzure Cloud.(about a description of deploying the process to Azure: you are notexpected to actually deploy it.)(You can test the result in the cloud emulation environment or on your Dreamspark cloudinstance. There is no need to actually deploy the services and workflow).
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