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CAA Assignment NR400 PM10 & PM2.5

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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CAA AssignmentNR 4001.Using the definitions of PM10and PM2.5, what is the difference between PM10 andPM2.5?NR 400.02(123s) PM10can be defined as a particulate matter with an aerodynamicdiameter less than or equal to a nominal 10 micrometers as measured in the ambient airfor measuring mass concentration of particulate matter.NR 400.02(123e) PM2.5means particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter less thanor equal to a nominal 2.5 micrometers as measured in the ambient air for measuring massconcentration of particulate matter.The difference is in the diameter size of particulate matter present in ambient air as PM10corresponds to 10 micrometers and PM2.5corresponds to 2.5 micrometers.2.When a source determines its potential to emit a contaminant, are restrictions on hours ofoperation considered a limitation on the capacity of the source to emit an aircontaminate?NR 400.02(127) Any physical or operational limitation on the capacity of a source toemit an air contaminant, including air pollution control equipment and restrictions onhours of operation or on the type or amount of material combusted, stored or processed,shall be treated as part of its design if the limitation is enforceable by the administrator.3.What is a fugitive emission?NR 400.02(71) Fugitive emission means an emission from any emission point within afacility other than a flue or stack.NR 4014.In Wisconsin those sources that are listed in or near a nonattainment area that mustcomply with RACT emission limitations must meet the limitations specified in whichchapters of the Wisconsin Administrative Code?
CAA Assignment401.025 (2) Chapters NR 415 to 418 as specified in Wisconsin Administrative code statesthat the sources that are listed in or near a nonattainment area, must comply with RACTemission limitations.NR 4045.In what air quality control region is UWWhitewater?404.03(2)(b) UW- Whitewater is listed inThe Southeastern Wisconsin Intrastate AirQuality Control Region.6.Are the ambient air quality standards for the criteria pollutants the same in Wisconsin asthe rest of the country? If not, which ones are different?404.03 (2) The air quality standards for the criteria pollutants are not same Wisconsin ascompared to rest of country because of variation in population, transportation, andindustrial densities, in addition to variation in terrain and meteorology, equal air qualitymay not be achieved throughout a region or area. The different region includesMinnesota, Illinois, and Dubuque.NR 4057.No major stationary source or major modification in an attainment area may begin actualconstruction unless the requirements of 405.08 to 405.16 have been met. What are thoserequirements/titles of those chapters?405/08 Requirements for beginning construction in an attainment area which fall underrequirements listed in 405.08 to 405.16:-Control technology reviewSource impact analysisAir quality modelsAir quality analysisSource informationAdditional impact analysesSources impacting federal Class I areas — additional requirementsPublic participation
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