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Running head: NURSINGEvidence based nursing researchName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1NURSINGThe roles and responsibilities of the nurse in the practice setting of CALVARYHEALTH CARE BETHLEHEM (Caulfield)Calvary health care Bethlehem is situated in Caulfield and has a bigger name in thefields of progressive neurological disease and palliative care. They provide services to theVictorian community. Almost 4000 peoples get admitted in this hospital every year. Theyused to work with the patients very closely and provide their best assessment and care.The neurological service provided by this hospital is known as Statewide ProgressiveNeurological Disease Service. It offers a big range of multidisciplinary assessment andservices to the people who are diagnosed with neurological disorder (Kirby, Broom & Good,2014). The care was provided by a multidisciplinary team which consist of:Medical specialists such as Neuro-psychiatrists, Respiratory physicians, Neurologists andpalliative care physicians; Allied health specialists such as Occupational Therapists,Physiotherapists, Dietitians, Neuropsychologists and Social Workers; Specialist Nurse;Pastoral care workers; and ResearchersPalliative care is also provided by this hospital and it focuses on providing the supportto the patients those who are having a progressive neurological disease. The objective of thiscare is to help the patients in achieving dignity and comfort (Hockenberry & Wilson, 2014).The nurses at Calvary Health Care Bethlehem were expert in taking care of the patientwho needs palliative care. They do this through supporting and advising the GP and also theteam providing primary care, by managing the symptoms of distress; by offering visit tohome when it is necessary, by providing the equipments that will give support to the patientsduring their stay at home as long as possible, by providing the telephonic advice facility for24 hours and by teaching the ways of caring the patient to the family. They used to provide
2NURSINGthe palliative care to the patients those who are at hospital as well as at home (Aslakson,Curtis & Nelson, 2014).According to an article “The Crucial Role of Nurses in Palliative Care, February 13,2017” (NurseBuff, 2017), it can be said that the role of a nurse in the palliative care isdifferent from the other specialists of the hospitals. The palliative care nurse had to serve adual role of care. They had to provide expert caring to the patients also had to manage thepain and the discomforts of the patient and their family. These roles are the most important ofthe conventional duties that are being performed by a nurse like carrying out the treatmentand assessing the symptoms.In Calvary Health Care Bethlehem, a Palliative Care Nurse can help the patient tomanage the issues regarding the disease of the patient by consulting with the patient’sGeneral Practitioner (GP). A specialist Nurses at this hospital are providing care, givingadvice and also providing information any time of the day or night (Kirby, Broom & Good,2014). They used to offer counselling for proving support, information and practical adviceon getting help in the community. They can help the patient on a practical, personal,emotional and spiritual level. They use music for the improvement of health and wellbeing ofthe patient. They also offer physiotherapy for providing practical help in managing pain bysuggesting exercises. They help the patient in managing everyday activities by assisting themwith the help of some equipment. The Palliative Care nurses are trained for helping thepatients by providing them relaxation and offering some social support (Broom et al., 2015).ThePalliative Clinic at the Calvary Health Care Bethlehem, look afterthe patients who so that they can get benefit from the team of experts.The doctor, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers and occupationaltherapists of the hospital always tries to help the people to stop pain and
3NURSINGdifferent illness. The hospital is always available to the peoples those whoare living at home and they wish in improving the quality of their life. Onarrival of the patients they are being assessed either by a specialist doctoror a nurse (Quill & Abernethy, 2013). The doctors appointed for thepatient together with some other specialists are involved in care of thepatient; they are the important part of multidisciplinary team and can becontacted anytime after the appointment. If any of the patient becometoo ill so that they are unable to travel to the hospital then a communityspecialist nurse is appointed for visiting the patient at home. The nurseprovides overnight support in addition to a call to the community nursinghome for the palliative care patients those who needed the care at theirhome. The Day Centre is type of a centre which provide care and also afriendly place for the patient for meeting with others and opportunities tojoin in various types of activities. The care program that is being offeredby the hospital used to focus on the patients mental and physical health.It also provides opportunities that are being involved in one or manyactivities that can provide the patient some rest so that they can be curedfast (Back et al., 2014).Program activities that are provided to the palliative patient by thenurse of the Calvary Health Care Bethlehem are art, pet therapy, music,Reiki, aromatherapy, tai chi, gentle massage, outings, travel in anarmchair, quizzes, movies, gardening, games, cooking, discussion andreminiscence. ThePalliative Care provide by the nurses are focused on the patients thosewho are suffering from a progressive non-curable disease (Anderson et al., 2016).
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