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Car dependency in Melbourne Assignment PDF

Added on - 18 Jun 2021

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Car dependency in Melbourne
Running Head: ReportThis essay is compiled for studying the strategic planning in the transport and energy sectorby addressing the issue of an increase in the car dependency among the people in Melbourne.For this analysis, a detailed study and evaluation of the level of dependency that people ofMelbourne have on their cars and the impact that this is having in the management of thetraffic, city transportation and energy as discussed. The previous literature on topics related tothis is studied and the issues that are raised in them with regard to the contemporary planningpractice for the strategic management of transport and energy is also included in this essay. Itcomprises of a critical analysis of the issues that the people responsible for planning andmanagement need to face because of a high dependency of the people on the cars andarguments are presented along with the suggestions for addressing the problems and issuesidentified through this analysis. Transport can be defined as the cumulative phenomenathrough which the spatial distance is covered by the people and goods in space. The entireprocess of movement from the people or the goods from one place to the other is defined astransportation[ CITATION TLi02 \l 1033 ]. The strategic development and long termplanning of the cities is shaped by the accessibility to be provided to the people and the easeof transport. Therefore, transport shapes the pattern in which people settle down in the citiesand is also responsible for the creation and maintenance of the structural infrastructure and allthe network elements associated with it.Melbourne is an Australian City which is the capitalof Victoria. It is the city having second highest population in Australia and Oceania.Melbourne covers an area of 9,992.5 km sq. which includes the 31 municipalities and is ahome to more than 4.7 million people. More than 60% of the people in Melbourne prefer totravel to their work places in their own cars which is increasingly becoming a concern for thecity. This essay discusses the challenges faced by them because of an increased dependencyon cars and proposed solutions and methods for addressing the issue[ CITATION SKo11 \l1033 ].1
Running Head: ReportThe cars and other automobiles have played a key role and are termed to be one of thegreatest inventions of all times. With a greater connectivity and the options of faster modes oftransportation, the need to travel in the cities has increased over the years. For this, theautomobiles are considered a dependable mode uP Transport not just in terms of flexibilityand convenience that they offer but also because it has become a yardstick for determiningthe affluence of the person and is a symbol of their security. The build infrastructure ofvarious cities is also shared by car ownership and the automobiles have also played aCardinal role and the development of the roads and other transportation systems. The city ofMelbourne is majorly driven by private vehicles and the inclination of people towards cardependency has only increased over the years. The graph below indicates the mode of travelpreferred by the people of Melbourne and the changes and shifts in it over the years[ CITATION MHy17 \l 1033 ].[ CITATION MHy17 \l 1033 ]2
Running Head: ReportAs is evident from the chart, an increase in the inclination of people towards private vehiclesas the preferred mode of travel in Melbourne can be observed. The dependency onautomobiles and the impact associated with it or not a new phenomenon and is a widelyresearched subject not just in the field of transport and planning but also in the fields ofSocial Science and strategic planning. The automobile industry is registering a continuousincrease in the sales and growth of the organization not just in the terms of production butalso in terms of ownership of the vehicles. The growth and prosperity of this industry islargely linked with economic activities and the development of that area and nation[ CITATION DHo06 \l 1033 ].Melbourne is named the highest car dependent region in all of Australia and the dominanceof the automobiles among the other modes of travel and transport is generally attributed tothe growth and development of the city. This is also because of the underdeveloped publictransport system and the availability of limited routes that can be accessed through the railand bus. The infographic below indicates that as much as 84% of the people dwelling inMelbourne travel to work is in the private vehicles[ CITATION DMc11 \l 1033 ]. The outersuburbs of Melbourne are the biggest population growth centres in Australia and thepopulation growth results in the growth unemployment and the flow of the computershowever, the growth of jobs in the outer suburbs of Melbourne has been unable to keep upthe pace with the increase in the population. This was forcedtheir residents to commute toareas for the away from their places for employment. This is another reason why people haveto commute to work and they cannot make use of the public transport due to its unavailabilityor limited reach[ CITATION KLu09 \l 1033 ].3
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