Carbonation Process in Sugar Refinery

Added on - 16 May 2020

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Descriptive Questions1.Calcium carbonate is useful in removing organic impurities like gums, amino acidsand some colour components from sugar syrup. Through the carbonation process anoptimum sugar quality is derived. The calcium carbonate is also responsible forgiving an opaque look to boiled sugar pieces[ CITATION JAW98 \l 2057 ].2.Copper pans are preferred for cooking sugar since copper conducts heat evenly. Thisis crucial when sugar is boiling down. Should a pan have hot spots it will triggercrystallization and ruin the batch. This way the use of copper is essential in especiallyin gas sugar stoves where heating may be very uneven. In addition, copper respondsvery fast to temperature fluctuations therefore give room for the cook to manage thetemperature efficiently throughout the cooking[ CITATION Tib91 \l 2057 ].Adding acid during the casting process prevents the caramel from crystallizing. Theacid hydrolyzes sucrose molecules to form glucose and fructose as the sugar heats.This mixture of the monosaccharides with water is less crystalline. Acid is needed toobtain a good conversion before vaporizing the sugar.3.The major consideration is the assembly style, this could be either round, square andother specialty shapes. In addition, it can entail several fillings.Also, they should consider color schemes of cakes, fillings, decoration as well as icingissues.4.Inverted sugar is the most preferable to making syrup for sugar works. Products madefrom it retain more moisture and are minimally affected by the crystallization issue[ CITATION Rya18 \l 2057 ].The make the tartaric acid solution used in the sugar works. An equal weight of creamof tartar and water I used. The water is boiled its afterward removed from the heat andthe cream of tartar added. It is then left to cool[ CITATION CMA04 \l 2057 ].5.The main equipment used for sugar pulling is the sugar pulling machine. The machineis made from heavy-duty cast steel. It is composed of three arms one stationary andthe other two revolving around it.The two dehumidifying agents useful in storing sugar chow pieces are micronizingmills and silica packets.6.a.The sugar is stored in an airtight condition. It should not be refrigerated as thismight cause condensing issues.
Descriptive Questionsb.When storing pulled sugar use things like silica packets which can absorbmoisture, the packets come accompanied by leather purses and shoes. The cakesare placed in an airtight container with the silica.c.The pulled sugar should be stored in an ar5ea with a dehumidifying agentenclosed with it. This keeps ways water vapor issues[ CITATION Wil13 \l 2057 ].7.Some of the common recipes applied in making sugar for pulling and blowing arepulled sugar, span sugar as well as blown sugar.8.Sugar is very delicate hence the preparation of the sugar syrup needs to consider somekey issues like; temperature, the tools used should be efficient thermal conductors asany temperature variations during heating will cause crystallization. Another issue ofconcern is impurities. The equipment used to be clean so that they don’t addimpurities as this may cause crystallization. Finally, the crystallization of sugar shouldbe considered. The individual should very knowledgeable about the causes and keenlytake measures to prevent it[ CITATION Lin17 \l 2057 ].9.The patterns which support sugar pulling arePulled sugar ribbons; this is made by pulling sugar into thin and long glossy-likeribbon. These designs can further be worked to beautiful formats like curls and bows.Spun sugar, through sugar spinning you can create thin but delicate strands of sugarthat are joined to form beautiful caramel netting.Blown sugar, is like glass blowing but allows the creation of beautiful spheres andglobes which can further be shaped to form assorted designs[ CITATION Hoc09 \l 2057 ].10.To do sugar casting the following are some of the equipment that you will need;A natural bristle pastry brush contained in a glass of warm water. Pastry brushes makethe jib fast and easy. For quality work you need a pastry brush that can hold thebasting liquid and conduct the task with no hairs, strands of fibres falling out of it intothe sugar work. For this the natural fibre brand i.e., the recommended brand.A candy thermometer in most cases its better to use digital but you can also use theglass one provided accuracy is guaranteed. The thermometer is useful in measuringthe temperature and so gauge the sugar solution cooking stage. They are also
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