Research Report on Cardiovascular

Added on - 21 Apr 2020

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Runninghead: CARDIOVASCULAR1CardiovascularStudent’s NameDate of Submission
CARDIOVASCULAR2QuestionsFor how long have you been experiencing palpations, fever and chest pain?Does any member of your family suffer from chest problems?Did you take any medication at the onset of these symptoms?DiagnosisRecommend a chest X-ray- to find out the underlying cause of chest pain, whether there could beinfections in the upper and lower respiratory system (Shakeel, 2015).Hospital admission- this will enable the patient to be evaluated for the possible causes of thepresenting symptoms, and if possible be put on antibiotics coverage.CXR can also be requested specially to determine whether the patients are suffering fromcommunity acquired pneumonia. This CXR needs to be repeated for between 24 to 48 hoursupon hospital admission.Sputum test is also recommended to find out whether the patient has bacterial infection or not; acase in which if the bacterial test is negative then there are enough reasons to suspect viralinfections.Diagnostic studiesNasopharyngeal testsDiagnostic imaging of the chestPhysical exam and results
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