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Career Autobiography - An Exploratory Study

Added on - 05 Feb 2020

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Career Autibiography,Personal Reflection &Analysis
CAREER AUTOBIOGRAPHYThrough studying the Masters in Psychology my aim is to become Psychology counsellor in future andtherefore, it would help me in understanding the psychology behaviour and mindset of different individuals. Hence,it helps me to carry out effective understanding so that I could help individual to overcome their issues. In order tobe consistent with the narrative theory, individual need to focus upon adopting effective career interventions thatshould result in changes to individuals occupational narratives over the time. Career Autobiography is anexploratory study that helps in identifying and measuring change in individuals so that career growth and interestcould be identified (Cervone and Pervin, 2015). I have decided to become psychology counsellor in future aftercompleting by Master in counselling. Thus, it would help me in building my skills and capabilities so that I canprovide quality counselling to individuals that would be beneficial for them to choose appropriate path. Also,becoming psychology counsellor helps me to understand individual's mind and their choice of selecting right path.Thus, in regard to I need to select appropriate theories from Trait and Type Theories, Life Span Theory and SpecialFocus Theories. Through applying such theories it helps in enhancing individual's skills and capabilities and thus Icould help them in raising their efficiency.PERSONAL REFLECTIONIt has been assessed that I am pursuing Masters in Psychology and thus in future I would like to becomepsychology counsellor. Thus, in order to reach to such a position I need to work very hard and thus understand thepsychology of individual so that I can provide them appropriate counselling and thus help me in understanding theirbehaviour and attributes so that career growth could be attained. I also need to improve upon my leadership skills sothat it could help me in directing individuals to reach towards set goals.ANALYSISFollowing are the different categories from which one theory needs to be selected which are as follows-Trait and Type theoryWith the help of trait and type theory it helps me to enhance my own career growth and thus raise my skillsso that I can obtain knowledge in relation to psychology counsellor. Thus, through adopting such profession, I canhelp individuals in providing them right direction as per their working capabilities and skills that results beneficialfor them (Sharf, 2016).Ernest Kretschmer's classification theoryThrough applying Ernest Kretschmer's classification theory helps me to correlate physique and character.With the help of this study it results in classifying personalities into 4 different types such as-Pyknic type- Such type of people are short and having round body. However, such people are prone tosuffer from mental disorder disease i.e. Manic Depressive Psychosis.Asthenic type- However, such people are those who have slim body and they are called introverts. Theseindividuals suffer from serious mental disorder called Schizophrenia (Northouse, 2015).1
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