Microcontroller Based Speedometer Cum Odometer - Project

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CE 1.1:Introduction to the Undertaken ProjectName of the Project: Design of Digital Speedometer cum OdometerGeographical Location:[Please Fill]Project Duration:[Please Fill]Organization:[Please Fill]Position in the Project: Team MemberCE 1.2:Background of the ProjectCE 1.2.1:Features of the Undertaken ProjectFor any mobile transpiration, speed is considered as an essential parameter fordetermining the movement quality. In traditional transport vehicles, analog meter are being usedfor measuring the speed of the vehicle. I have observed the issue with the analog meter is in thelow resolution and lack of accuracy in measuring the speed of the vehicle. Therefore, in thisproject, I have proposed for the design and development of digital speedometer cum odometerwith the use of microcontroller. I have proposed to use a microcontroller for controlling thespeedometer and LCD for displaying the speed to the user. Thorough the design of thespeedometer, I have proposed for providing an alternative and inexpensive digital speedometerhaving resolution about 5 kmph and high range. In addition to that, I have used EEPROM forsaving the readings of the distance travelled for future use. I have usedPhilips I2C protocol and24C02 serial standard for efficiently saving the data.
CE 1.2.2: Aims and ObjectivesIn this project, I have developed my vital aim to propose an advanced design ofspeedometer for digitally recording and showing the speed of the moving vehicle. In addition tothat I have aimed at designing a light weight and low cost design that would help in gainingmarket popularity. For the effective completion I have developed the following objectives:To evaluate and review the physical interaction, components and logical structure ofthe speedometer;To identify the low cost and high efficient hardware components for the speedometer;To develop the prototype model and conduct the simulation process;CE 1.2.3: Characteristic of my work in the Undertaken ProjectDuring my work in this project, I was associated with the design of the I2C ad liquidcrystal display that I have attached with the speedometer. In addition to that, I have designed theappropriate circuit diagram and designed the logical flow chart for checking the speed of themoving vehicle. Moreover, I have developed and prepared the bike for practical examination ofthe speedometer functionalities.
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