Carriage Goods by AirTransportation Assignment

Added on - Nov 2020

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Carriage Goods by Air-TransportationIndividual Assignment
1 |P a g eAcknowledgementI would like to thank my lecturer for motivating us to do an assignment in this manner. Theconstant guidance I gained from him truly stimulated me in making these difficult tasks areality.Especially I would like to thank students of the senior batches for the great support they givenme to do the assignment & the ideas they shared.And also I would like to thank for my parents and friends who helped me to complete thisproject in allocated time period.This Report is fondly dedicated to all our lecturers. We have learnt more from them and withouttheir invaluable help this report would never have been the light of day
2 |P a g eSummaryThis report is done regarding the air transportation. At the first the types of aircrafts aredescribed. And their subtypes are also mentioned before the special cargoes in air transportationhave being described. Apart from that the importance of handling and marking in airtransportation was discussed. Finally the concept of E-freight/ E-AWB was discussed. Underthe last section, the current status of the airlines which have implemented E-AWB wasevaluated.
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