Case #1: Solution.

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Case #1: SolutionThe computer system gets hot when sun shines through the window, therefore doors are keptopen. The tropical depression of 48 inches of rain impacted the whole computer hardware andthe data files stored in it. Air conditioning failed to work properly and even the back files weredestroyed. The reason behind such issue is with the internal control weaknesses related to thecomputer security that existed at AAA Inc. prior to the flood occurrence. Mentioned below arethe three weaknesses:-The system was placed on the ground floor which was not checked against all weatherconditions.-The management of the files was not proper as there should have been a robust backupmechanism. The backup mechanism was not in place and was near to the currentcomputer system that led to the destruction of the both – the original and the backup –during the natural calamity (flood).-The backup processes should have been conducted on regular basis which were not done.No one is aware about what may happen and when, therefore a daily backup processshould be in place.Mentioned below are the changes that could have been in place in AAA:-The computer system should have been checked with all weather conditions.-There should have been no glass ceilings which can protect the system against rain andpeople from outside peeping into the secure data base.-The backup must be on daily basis and the backup storage must be farther from theoriginal. May be in another city or country. Cloud computing can be utilized.
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