Dispute Resolution Strategies and Damages


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Case 1The dispute resolution steps that I would choose are:I would firstly arrange a meeting of the parties. The agenda of the meeting would be todiscuss the issues that the parties face with each other. This step will also involvecounseling of both the partiesThen I would start the negotiation process which will aim to arrive at a win-win situation.If the dispute does not get resolved by negotiation, then I would appoint an arbitrator thatwill help the parties in taking a decision. Case 2The contract is to get 100 widgets delivered in the form of 10 per month after three months ofsigning the contract. But, after sixty days of signing the contract i.e. two months, the plant of thevendor got flattened by tornado. In this case, the contract can be cancelled because of the‘impossibility of performance’. Since the area of operation has been destroyed, so the vendorcannot produce and hence it is impossible for him to fulfill the obligation of delivering 100widgets. The clause that can protect this option is: if the vendor is unable to deliver the widgets due to anyhazard or miss-happening, then he is liable to fulfill his obligation via a third party and thevendor will be solely responsible for the products, its quality and delivery on behalf of the thirdparty. Case 3The appropriate damages in this case are:
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