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Case of Mike Aranjo- Business Diploma Program

Added on - 18 Sep 2019

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Case 1AMike Aranjo is a recent graduate from a three-year business diploma program at aToronto college. His area of specialty is marketing, but he hasn’t been successful infinding his dream job yet in marketing. It’s now eight months after graduation, andhe reluctantly decides to take a call-centre job at Miratel Solutions Inc. in North York(his mother knows the manager, so he didn’t even apply for the job).On his first day at CallPro, Mike is scheduled to take a six-hour trainingcourse called “Dynamic and Effective Customer Service”. He arrives at the CallProoffice about five minutes late, because the subway was having problems. His newmanager Sandra Fairley has already begun the training session with two otheremployees.“We’ve already begun Mike, so can you grab a seat quickly? Thanks,” Sandrasays.“Yeah, it wasn’t my fault, the subway had a delay,” Mike mumbles, slouchinginto a seat at the back of the room.“Lesson 1, Mike: don’t make excuses at work – take responsibility for thingsyou’re responsible for,” Sandra says. “As I was saying,” she continues, “today’straining gets you thinking about excellent customer service in the following threeways...”Mike feels defensive and angry. He almost tells Sandra to chill. It’s not hisfault the subway was delayed! Plus, Sandra is a friend of his mom’s, so why is shegiving him attitude?The first half of the six-hour training goes well. The three new employees,including Mike, are shown the “scripts” they will use on their phone calls this week.They’re also given instruction in how to use their voices (i.e. tone, pronunciation) tosound friendly on the phone. Finally, they’re given instruction on how to close a saleand how to deal with people who are unhappy.On his lunch break, Mike is sitting in a corner of the office lunchroom with hisheadphones on. His music is pretty loud and he’s enjoying being able to relax. He’snot really feeling like going up to anyone and introducing himself or being overlyfriendly. He sits by himself and eats his sandwich.Eventually, one of the other two employees going through training todaycomes over. She smiles and asks if she can sit down. Her name is Laura.“Go cray-cray,” Mike says sarcastically, “enjoy yourself!”“Thanks Mike. So what’s your story?”Mike and Laura talk for about five minutes – it turns out Laura went to thesame college as Mike, but two yeas earlier.Laura looks at her watch. “It’s time to go, Mike. Training’s starting again.”“I doubt she’ll notice if we’re a few minutes late,” Mike says, looking to seewhat Laura’s reaction will be.“Well, I’m not going to piss off Sandra on my first day. See you there,” Laurasays before getting up and heading back to the training room.
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