Case Analysis and Solution To Waiting Time Problem For Staff.

Added on - Sep 2019

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Case Analysis and Solution To Waiting Time Problem For StaffAs pointed out in the given case, the poor process leads to more waiting time, hence keepsemployee away from the job for a longer duration. Hence, longer waiting time for the patientskeep staff waiting as well. In the example of intravenous pumps, it is mentioned that the hospitalhad more inventory than required and still the waiting time for the patients was high. Hence, theprocess was poorly designed. The potential reasons is keeping the record of the inventory,releasing patients who are already using the pumps and many more. An improvement in theprocess using a Lean Six Sigma process can reduce the waiting time and cut down the accessinventory that hospital might be holding. Last but not the least, reduction in the patient waitingtime will result in the use of employee’s or staff time productively.Applying Lean Six Sigma Process For wait time reductionLean Six Sigma Methodology is utilized in order to removing waste time that introduces delay inthe overall process. It combines the concept of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma to reducewaiting time. Hence, Lean Six Sigma concept can be applied to patient waiting time case forachieving improved results. Patient process should be outlined in the form of flow chart. For thegiven case of intravenous pumps, hospital should outline how the people are provided with thetreatment and what are the steps where patients are waiting (Jackson, & Woeste, 2008).Secondly, necessary steps that can be delayed to a timezone where patients are not availableshould be taken care of. It will ensure that patients are not waiting and staff can handle morepatients at the same time.
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