Feasibility of setting up a palliative care unit in Village Hospital


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CASE HEALTH CARE ORGANIZATIONSVillage Hospital is experiencing a decline in inpatient utilization. Currently, it is functioning at 86% inpatient utilization and consequently the Governing Board is concerned about revenue and the hospital’s ability to remain open if inpatient utilization continues to decline. The CEO is considering alternative uses for inpatient beds including converting one med/surgical unit to a palliative care unit.You have been hired as a consultant to help the senior management team and the Board decide if this is a feasible option.Answer the following in paragraph form – NO BULLETS! I EXPECT THAT YOU WILL USE YOUR TEXT , PPS AND CLASS NOTES TO WRITE WELL THOUGHT OUT COMPREHENSIVE ANSWERS1. Provide the management team with a good definition of Palliative Care.Firstly we need to understand what palliative care is before we set up a palliative care unit. Palliative care is for the patients who are seriously or terminally ill. In these diseases, the cure is not possible. In this, there is a requirement of providing relief from the painful symptoms and stress due to the severe disease. Palliative care is an extra layer of support which is provided to the patient from a specialised team of doctors and nurses. Palliative care is provided along with the treatment of the disease. Palliative care improves the quality of life of the patient. 2. How would help the management team evaluate whether there is a need in the community for palliative care? Consider here the Epidemiological planning model presented in Chapter 3. Specify the data you would suggest collecting to measure community need.There are many factors from which the management can decide the requirement for palliative care unit. Palliative care offers a wide range of flexible approaches which help in reducing the physical , psychological and existential burdens faced by the people suffering from life threatening disease.

The Epidemiological Model focus on community-based and patient based standards. These standards help in developing programs for the community. The evaluation model is based on obtaining patient data and vital statistics from community data. It can be applied in any community where the illness trajectory increases. It is important to access main diseases from the people of the community is facing. It is also important to identify the diseases and provide specific palliative care for the disease.The Epidemiological measure is decided on many factors such as Need, demand and uses. Here we have to access the need , demand and uses of palliative care unit. How many patient percentage of the community requires palliative Care Unit. How is pollution suffering due to the absence of palliative approach by the hospital? How much demand for palliative care in the community can be noticed? Also, what are the diseases in the community which requires palliative approach? All these questions need to be accessed before setting up a palliative care unit. 3. Using the epidemiological planning model- how would you go about estimating the demand for this new service? ( use formulas presented Ch 3)Demand is a broad term. For health care services it is the need felt, people ask for it. Patients in hospital are in a constant interaction with the staff. If they need something they will ask the hospital staff regarding that service. It can be felt by patient feedback. The demand is influenced by many factors. It is influenced by illness behaviour. The illness behaviour depends on the age, gender, education and the socio-economic status. Also patient must have the knowledge about the palliative care service. The service should be cost effective for the patient. The need, supply and demands overlap each other. Still, we need to assess the need of a specific service to avoid unwanted expenses. 4. Write a mission statement for a palliative care unit/service.To give compassionate, care and quality to enhance and comfort in the lives of people with life-limiting illness.

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