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Running Head:Case Law Analysis - Intellectual Property1NameCase Law Analysis - Intellectual PropertyAffiliation
Running Head:Case Law Analysis - Intellectual Property2I have selected the court decision on “partnership liquidation” this case depends on thedissolution of legal issues about the partnership. So this court is about the dissolution of thepartnership between two parties. (Cornish, 2003)So the purpose of this court is to have justice between two parties who are the botherssuch as karmar VS Mattfield. So the main issue or the purpose of this court course is about tosolve the issue between two brothers which is about the capital funds objects on theaccounting and constructions or improvements on the major capital facilities. And they bothhave the revenue and balance sheet with them. So this is the short background of this case. Inthe term of the business environment, this is obvious to have relevant terms between bothparties so that they can easily rectify the main issue by facts and figures.ProblemsSo what are the problems, the main issue is that fund being used for the accounting purpose forthe one department to deliver the goods and services for cost reimbursement basis?Every type of services need the internal servicesEnterprise funds are vital for both partiesNet assessment statementCash flow statementExpenses and change in net assessmentSo these are the main issues need to highlight in this case from both parties.Specific agreement
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