Case Scenario: Police Officer Gilbert Caesar

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Case ScenarioPolice Officer Gilbert Caesar sought a warrant to search the persons ofRaul Franco and his live-in girlfriend Mildred, the house where Raul andMildred resided, and a black pickup truck owned by Raul.Police Officer Caesar’s Affidavit in Support of Application for SearchWarrant:“In the latter part of 2015, I arrested a subject and took him to jail. Whileenroute to the jail I asked the subject who he knew that was dealingdrugs. The subject told me of a person named Raul who lived on thecorner of Henry Avenue and Spring Street. I asked the subject how heknew Raul was selling drugs. The subject told me his wife bought herheroin from Raul. As I was driving towards the jail, I drove up HenryAvenue and asked the subject to point the house out to me as we drovepast. As we drove past, the subject pointed to the residence on thenortheast corner of Henry Avenue and Spring Street. The subject alsosaid Raul drove the black pickup truck that was parked in front of theresidence.“After dropping the subject off at the jail, I drove back to the residenceon the corner of Henry Avenue and Spring Street. The black truck wasstill parked in front of the residence. I ran a registration check on thevehicle. The return information from dispatch showed the vehicle wasregistered to Raul Franco with an address of 51-03 Spring Street.“On 01-07-16 Officer Justin Bassey and I were talking to a person whoherein will be referred to as confidential reliable informant one. (CRI-1).I was talking to CRI-1 about people who sold drugs in this city,specifically heroin or meth. CRI-1 told us a woman named Mildred andher boyfriend Raul were selling heroin. I asked CRI-1 where Mildredand Raul lived. CRI-1 said they lived on the corner of Henry Avenueand Spring Street. I asked CRI-1 if Raul or Mildred drove any cars. CRI-1 said [he/she] only knew of a black colored full size truck Raul drove. I
asked CRI-1 if [he/she] knew the last names of Mildred and Raul. CRI-1said he/she knew Mildred’s last name was Charles. [He/she] said he/shedidn’t know Raul’s last name. I asked CRI-1 where Charles keeps herdrugs she sells. [He/she] said she keeps it in the front of her pants, sothat if she gets stopped by a male police officer, he won’t search thefront of her pants. CRI-1 said she also keeps it in a backpack she keepswith her.“I asked CRI-1 if Raul was also selling. CRI-1 said Raul does sell methand heroin, but not as much as Mildred.“On 01-21-16 I talked with a person who herein will be referred to asCRI-2. CRI-2 has given information to law enforcement in the past. Theinformation was corroborated and criminal cases were made behind theinformation.“I asked CRI-2 who [he/she] knew that was selling drugs. CRI-2 told meof a woman named Mildred Charles who lived on the corner of HenryAvenue and Spring Street. CRI-2 said Charles deals heroin and meth outof her house with her boyfriend. I asked CRI-2 if [he/she] knew thename of Charles’s boyfriend and if he was selling meth and heroin also.CRI-2 said he/she only knew the boyfriend’s first name as Rio and Riowas also selling meth and heroin out of the house.“I asked CRI-2 if [he/she] knew of any vehicles Charles and Rio mightdrive. CRI-2 said Rio drives a black truck and Charles drives a big redsedan.“I believe based on the previous information I have regarding RaulFranco, that Rio is actually Raul. This is based on the registered ownerinformation on the black truck and other people telling me there is aRaul living at the residence.“I ran a criminal history check on Charles through dispatch. The returninformation showed she has multiple arrests and convictions for
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