Case Study on Ethical Behaviour

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Case Study 1a. Highlight conflict among the stakeholders from a group and individual perspectiveOn the case study conflict of interest can be observed escalating between the different stakeholderswhereby John questions the authenticity of the EIS report and claims the benefits have beenexaggerated while the environmental impacts have been underestimated. He goes on to question allproject engineers as a unit whereas Bill Rourke responds by defending the project engineering. This isobserved where he mentioned heir is no Prima Facia that can case launched on any of the projectengineers and stakeholders and why the north side council has not assembled a case against theresponsible individuals.b. What is ethical behaviour in this situation?The ethical behaviour in this situation is failing to highlight the factual environmental impact and itseffects and focusing only on the benefits to the Sydney residents. It also in breach of professional ethicswhere results and finding related to the environmental impact statement have not been properlyrepresented by the engineersc. Does a favourable interpretation of Data translate an unethical Conduct?Yes, it does as it helps highlight the engineers focus towards securing project approval from the localgovernment by failing to focus on environmental impact statement and reports. The reports goundisputed due to the council having placed full faith on the engineers to deliver an accurate result butthe engineers have demonstrated unethical practice by using their power and authority to manipulatethe finding in their favour.d. Is it fair to single out an individual who is doing a job?Job an ethic is not limited to an organization and every individual staff member must also be able toraise their concern regarding the bad practice and failure to implement or address the true finding. Thismakes it important to also include staff to a disciplinary hearing as they also have a responsibility tohighlight the issues identified.e. Can the environment be protected by ethical conduct?Yes, in fact, the environment can only be protected by ethical conduct where each individual must takeresponsibility for the environmental wellbeing. This is critical as the environment is helpless and havingthe public, professionals, and organization acting ethically towards maintaining environmentalguidelines will surely safeguard the environment.
Case Study 2 –Question 1a. What is the ethical behaviour in this situation?The ethical behaviour would be to prevent Tom from returning the leaking drums back to residential anddensely populated areas this would place people’s health in danger. The rule clearly states not to bringchemical waste to the residential or highly populated areas this can affect resident’s health and must beabided to prevent causing a health concern.b. What should scot do at this point?Scott is ethically correct by highlighting it is against the law and should not be done he should emphasison having the leaking drums repairs on site and in the same ware house.c. Do they choose a proposed course of Action?No! They do not choose a proper course of action as y transporting the leaking drums they riskdamaging the environment and also play residents and other public in danger of exposure to thechemical waste.Questions 2a. Is Scott’s assistant classified as unethical?Yes, this is considered as unethical as he has followed ad help save single individual money rather thanconsider the worst case scenario which could have exposed a large number of people to chemical wasteexposure and poisoning the environment.b. Do they choose the right course of Action?No, they do not choose the right course of action as they have failed to consider the public’s interestand placed a large number of people and the environment in danger of exposure to the chemical waste.c. Action to be taken on Tom and ScotIt is important that both Tom and Scott be held responsible for breaching chemical waste managementlaws and the full force of the law imposed on their action to help set an example to other officers andprofessionals who may be practicing the same. Only by setting an example can reforms be implementedthus they must be held responsible for breaching the laws and punished for the same to the highestdegree.
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