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stewardship and governence Assignment PDF

Added on - 20 Nov 2021

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Running head: CASE STUDY0
Case study 1:
1.The case study is based on Exxon Mobile. The CEO of company saidthat according
to him, the company had to made focus on the mission to establish more oil and gas
reserve, and that oil and gas will stay primary fuel sources for periods to come. Many
shareholders did not agree. They argued that company’s importance on establishing
oil and gas as energy source exposed global environment and economical or financial
condition of the company.It is analysed that the company need to stick with its
mission and vision for developing sustainability in their business operation. The
company addresses the impacts of the rising greenhouse gas emission, which result to
propose changes of climate. After evaluating the case, it is suggested that the
company should continue to involve the related stakeholders in various sustainability
procedure for securing the surroundings.Thus,company should make focus on the
mission to establish more oil and gas reserves(Kallamu, 2015).
2.The corporations do not have ethics. It is required by the Board of company to be
morality of corporation. The directors are required to render the corporation with
ethical scope. For this, board is liable for making the substantial effects of the
approaches it makes. The board is also accountable to recognise the both long-term
effects and short-term effects of policies it accepts and for identifying the probable
results on the individuals and for admitting the obligations to be responsible.
It is a duty of board to make strategies of the company and identify the involved risk.
It is necessary to balance challenging claims of various stakeholders and develop
maintainable corporate social responsibility strategies, when fulfilling the
expectations of shareholders.As per the conceptsof stewardship, leadership, and
corporate social responsibility (CSR), the motion of shareholder is correct that the
company is required to curb greenhouse gas emissions enhance renewable energy
research and establish the alternate fuel sources (Basco, 2014).
Case study 2:
1.The board of company was very large, managerial and missing any logic of self-
governing external directors. It is very difficult in various well-known corporations of
Japan. The government of Japan and world-wide organisational depositors like US
Calpers have been made efforts but they have not succeed to later the attitude in
boardroom, to where powers must exist in and who is required to be encouraged to the
board of company(Kallamu, 2016).
2.It was the corporation, which seemingly did not admit the importance of professional
corporate governance believing, however went over the motion to fulfil the
controllers, managers, and depositors of stock market.
3.After reading the case, it is recognised that the chairman has main role in appointing
the directors of the company. There may be great effect of the resignation from the
board on the conduct of Chairman or CEO of the company. The resignation of the
directors of the company creates the negative image of Chairman of company or CEO
of company. The main important thing to be taken as challenge is to know the
constitution of the board and process of behaviour of the directors. It is considered as
other corporate governance standard or model. It is analysed that supplanting the
board of company with majority of independent directors, is not good suggestion.
There is no such provision of practise of the independent directors; it operates
conflicting to various top managerial beliefs. The burden from organisational
depositors to leave the job might work; however, there must be replacement.
Otherwise, the accessing advices, consultation services, directions, guidance,
mentoring, reviewing, activities related to changing the behaviour, involvement and
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