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Case Study: Inappropriate Practices and Alternative Solutions for Maple Leaf Shoes

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This case study discusses the inappropriate practices of Maple Leaf Shoes and suggests alternative solutions for better recruitment and selection outcomes. It also highlights the importance of integrating strategic and operational planning processes.
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Case Study: Inappropriate Practices and Alternative Solutions for Maple Leaf Shoes_1
1Case StudyPart1Answer1: the inappropriate practice of the Maples Leaf Shoes or the problem with the Maple Leaf Shoe ltd is that the company does not have a qualified, skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable manager to deal with the day to day activities of the human resource of the company like union negotiation and recruitment. The human resource manager formulates strategies handles the short and long-term challenges facing competition from across the globe, increasing production and labor cost, managerial training and development of employees. Answer2: it has been determined because the previous human resource manager was not able to place right people at the right place at the right time with right skills and competencies and the company has appointed Lance as a new human resource manager to ensure sound management of the recruitment and selection process and increase the profitability of the company. Answer3: possible alternative practices that might be considered to improve recruiting outcomesThe human resource manager should have the knowledge of Excel and skills in human resource information system. He must conduct personality test to know the personality traits such as ethics, honesty, fair-mindedness, discretion, and personal attributes of the potential candidate to select the best candidate for the company. To improve the recruiting outcomes, the human resource manager should be a delegator, active listener, approachable, motivator, decision maker,and developer. He should find the alternative sources for the recruitment of the staff such as recruitment of staff from within the company. It is also called as succession planning. The management must identify the potential employees with the extra caliber to promote him/her on the next level. Social media should be used to advertise for the recruitment for the company. Answer4: recommendations
Case Study: Inappropriate Practices and Alternative Solutions for Maple Leaf Shoes_2

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