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Disability in Childhood: Case Study 4

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Added on  2022-12-30

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This presentation discusses the issues of disadvantage and oppression faced by disabled children, including inadequate support in education, lack of child protection measures, and socially constructed notions. It also explores the medical and social models of disability and relevant policies such as the Equality Act 2010. The conclusion highlights the challenges faced by children with Down syndrome and the need for effective interventions.

Disability in Childhood: Case Study 4

   Added on 2022-12-30

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Case study 4
Disability in Childhood: Case Study 4_1
Table of contents
Issues of disadvantage and oppression
Socially constructed notions
Models of disability
Relevant policies
Disability in Childhood: Case Study 4_2
Disability is that kind of medical issue which exists within an
individual at the time of birth or through an sever accident which
impacts person physically and mentally. These kinds of medical
conditions can happen at any age means are not bound by age. Such
situations are very sensitive which makes an individual dependent
upon people in its surroundings. Disability can be simplified over as
condition that makes difficulty for a person over performing various
activities or social connection around them.
Disability in Childhood: Case Study 4_3
Issues of disadvantage and oppression
Education: Cai received zero support from the school as teachers have
not taken any action against the students who are teasing and bulling
him. Lack of teachers ability: Cai school does not have any teaching
assistant who is trained with the SENCO. So well trained teachers
should be appointed for such children. Facilities in the classrooms:
Cai requires special attention during the teaching session so that use
his potential to the fullest which was not given to him.
Disability in Childhood: Case Study 4_4

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