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CASE STUDY2The murder case of George KoganThe entire study will be revolving around the murder case of the George Kogan that tookplace in the year 1990. The wife of the multimillionaire was accused in this murder casewhere she hired a gunman to gun down her husband. George Kogan was shot just in front ofhis apartment that was located in the 69thstreet. However, Barbara Kogan the wife of Georgeat that time was going through a bitter divorce and eventually after the killing Barbararefused to cooperate with the investigators. At that point in time instead of cooperating shewas fighting to collect millions from the life insurance policies of her husband. On the otherhand, just before this shooting took place George was on his way to meet with his girlfriend.The name of his then-girlfriend was Mary-Louis Hawkins who once worked as the publicistof George and she was only 29 years old. During that time both Barbara and George becameestranged and this made Barbara bitter. Negotiations for the divorce took place betweenGeorge and Barbara for the divorce and she demanded approximately $5000 per week inalimony but the request was turned down by the judge so things between the Barbara andGeorge began to sour a lot.Immediately after the murder took place Barbara aimed to collect approximately $4 millionas a part of the life insurance coverage and then she was suspected one of the main culprits inthe death of George. On a sad note, it took more than 20 years for the authorities to find outthat Ms. Kogan plotted with her lawyer named Manuel Martinez for hiring a hit man in termsof carrying out the entire murder. However, the lawyer was found guilty in this entire murdercase in the year 2008 and after so many years of refusing finally, he agreed that the murderwas done after conspiring with Barbara in terms of hiring the hit man. Followed by it in theyear 2020, Barbara pleaded guilty for conspiracy to commit murder as well as the murder in
CASE STUDY3the first degree. Furthermore, she approximately faces up to 25 years in the prison on eachand every charge at sentencing that is scheduled in the 19thof May in the year 2010 (Taylor,2009).George Kogan was a well-known wealthy real estate investor with some of the financialinterest in the casino in Puerto Rico and also some of the buildings located in Brooklyn.Initially, Barbara and George met in their college days and fell in love and then got married.They had two children from their marriage and on the East 76thstreet, an antique store wasopened by them. However, in the 1980s they had separated and moved towards the divorce.In the year 1989, George moved with his then-publicist and she was hired by the antiquestore.The date was 23rdOctober and the year was 1990 when George was walking towards hisapartment with some of the groceries in his hand when out of nowhere a gunman suddenlyarrived and in a calm manner approached him and then fired at his back and George was shot3 times at his back. Initially the lawyer was not at all convicted of the murder but later on, hewas convicted and was charged and was serving a sentence of 25 years (Lentol, Weinstein &Aubry, 2005).20 years have passed till 2010 when the widow of George got a sentence of serving 36 yearsin the prison for plotting the murder against her husband. It took more than 20 years to solvethis murder mystery of the famous multimillionaire business tycoon. When the court hearingtook place in 2010 it has been observed that Barbara did not offer any type of apology as shewas sentenced 36 years of imprisonment where she was ordered 12 years in the prison atleast. Ultimately Kogan pleaded guilty to the manslaughter along with some of the othercharges after getting to know that the prosecutors had some of the tapes of her making someof the indecent remarks to one of her friend from the jail via a telephone. On the other hand,
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