Case Study: Diseased African American female

Added on - Sep 2019

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CASE STUDY21- MK is a 70 years old African American female. She is in advanced age which makes herprone to many disease condition. The common diseases as per ethnicity from which she isaffected are Asthma, Hypertension, Type 2 diabetes and chronic renal failure. (Mullings, L.(2014).2- There are many modifiable risk factors for her. She is overweight as per her height.Overweight is a huge risk factor for not only diabetes but also hypertension. She needs tocontrol her weight. She is also asthmatic and hypertensive. MK can also go for somephysiotherapy to increase her mobility. Her sedentary life contributes to weight gain.Sheneeds to take care of her diet. As she requires a low salt and highly nutritious diet.(Gansevoort et al 2013)3- Patient came with the complaint of episodes of dizziness and confusion. Patient has anoxygen saturation of 91%. The Normal levels are from 95% -100%. Low oxygen saturationmight cause the episodes of dizziness and confusion. Also patient is having high BP.Dizziness can be due to high BP and a side effect of its medication.In terms of nursing care, it is primarily important to maintain oxygen saturation level as it ison borderline. The patient needs to be on bed rest to reduce the demand for oxygen by thebody. Oxygen therapy has to be maintained as prescribed. Also to consult an appropriatehealth care provider if there is any impairment or the condition worsen.4- The current condition of the patient is an episode of dizziness and confusion which lastsfor 20minutes. The patient’s oxygen saturation was 91%, which is borderline. Also patient is
CASE STUDY3under medication for hypertension and chronic renal failure. Hypertension and chronic renalfailure medication cause side effects like dizziness. This confirms the initial diagnosis.There may be a requirement of CT scan to evaluate the possibility of stroke. Also as thepatient is present with edema in lower extremities and having chronic renal failure, werequire suggesting for a Kidney function Test.5- MK is having BP 172/94, normal range is 120/80. The BP is on a higher side. Also,Pulse is 96, normal pulse ranges for 70years old female will be 60-80. Here the pulse can beconsidered high at 96bpm.The oxygen saturation is at borderline 91%. The normal range is95%-100%. The normal respiratory rate is 16-20. In MK’s case, it is slightly higher at22.Also, the urinary output is very low 200/ml against the 24 hours normal 2.9 l/dayThe following vitals clearly show that MK is having low oxygen saturation causing herdizziness and confusion. It can be also side effects of the medicines she is taking. Also, pulserate and respiratory rates are at the higher side confirming the primary diagnosis. It isexpected with a patient with this diagnosis.6- Nephrovite- It is a dietary supplement for MK for chronic renal failure. It is used to treatthe poor dietary condition. It might cause a mild stomach upset. But in severe allergic cases itmay cause rashes, dizziness and trouble breathing. It is important to check for this particulardrug allergy by skin test.Hydrochlorothiazide-This used for the treatment of high blood pressure. It is a diuretic anddoes not allow the body to hold much salt which can cause fluid retention. It will help MK tocontrol hypertension and edema. As a side effect, it may cause pulmonary edema also it there
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