Case Study Analysis: Google

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Running head: CASE STUDY ANALYSISCase Study Analysis:GoogleName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s note
1CASE STUDY ANALYSISAssessment 1OverviewGoogle is a multinational corporate that has been set up in the year 1998 by Larry Pageand Sergey Brin. Google has now become a generic word in the English colloquial as search.The company has over the year gathered goodwill and good reputation from the perspective ofall the stakeholders who are directly or indirectly related to the company. As a multinationalcompany the organization has to keep up with the external business environment of the countryof operation. There are several factors that are significantly different for a company from thedomestic market to the international market. Google expanded in other countries by adding otherdomain names to assist non-American customers with their searches (About Us, 2017). This casestudy deals with the cross cultural negotiation of Google and the government of china. In orderto protect the financial interest of the company, Google acquired Baidu a Chinese search enginebut the law prohibited Google from holding more than a minority share of the company.Step1: Defining the problemIndividual LevelValues and beliefsEvery organization has its own principles and ethics which form the basis of theoperations of the business. Work culture, work environment and the process of hierarchy is basedon the principle of the company. The company has a very lucid form of hierarchy which is a newconcept to the Chinese culture; they expect their leaders to have an authoritative approach.Chinese government also does not encourage international company to dominate the market inthe economy (Chen et al. 2014). Baidu is popular enough in china and people use it extensively.Another issue that the company was facing is that people prefer using items that are of Chineseorigin hence Google wanted to use the .cn domain as soon as possible (Fang et al., 2013).Group or Team LevelIncreased conflict within teamsAs mentioned above the people are more used to an authoritative, definitive andpaternalistic from of leadership hence the work environment of Google which is popular for
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