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In this assignment, the given situation of Ilnaz, who is a Muslim married lady from Iran is
to be considered. In the present scenario, Ilnaz is under ethical dilemma. She is an Iranian girl
following Muslim religion. It is against her religion and culture to be in complete isolation with
an unrelated man. She is right in her position as she cannot ignore her values. Again, her
manager was also right in his position as he made this arrangement because Mark and Ilnaz ere
working on the same project and they can communicate, learn and help each other. Ilnaz cannot
leave her job also as she needed it. To resolve her dilemma, her situation is to be analyzed in the
light of Thomas White methodology with regard to Deontology and Utilitarian theories. Besides
this, the ACS Code of Professional Conduct (2019) and ACL Code of Ethical Conducts ("ACL -
Code of Conduct", 2019) are to be referred also.
Ilnaz was under a dilemma whether to continue the job in such environment or to quit it.
To resolve this, she can refer to the Thomas White Methodology. According to such
methodology, there are mainly two major approaches to handle the ethical dilemma. The first
one concentrates on the practical results of what is done and the other throws light on the actions
themselves. Whatever be the approach, the first step to solve such dilemma is to analyze the
consequences of the action made. The consequences can be either positive or negative but all
have to be critically analyzed. After considering all the possible answers, she should weigh the
positive consequences along with negative. The result will help her to take final decision.
The next step is to analyze the actions made by her. While discussing it, ACS Code of
Professional Conduct must be referred. According to 1.2.1 of the code, Ilnaz must place the
interest of the public above her personal or sectional interests. In case of any conflict between
values, public interest will be given priority. In sub-clause(a) of 1.2.1, Ilnaz shall recognize those
values that are impacted by her work considering their interests. According to 1.2.2 of the code,
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