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Case Study On Anthony Francis Fernandes | Air Asia

Added on - 28 Jan 2020

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Air Asia’s CEO Is Becoming the Model for AirlineLeaders During a Crisis
QUESTION:“THE HUMAN FACTOR IS DEFINITELY VERY GENUINE, FROMTHE WORDS HE CHOOSES TO THE FACIAL EXPRESSION.” DISCUSS THE TYPEOF LEADERSHIP AND POWER FERNANDES DEMONSTRATES.Type of leadership and power of FernandesLeadership refers to process of providing guidance among the group of people in order tocomplete certain task. As per the given scenario, Fernandes is using participative style ofleadership where proper assistance is provided to the workforce. This type of leadership stylefacilitates to integrate workforce and enables them to work in the direction of growth and success(Beranek, 2006). The given case study is showing that Dato' Anthony Franics Fernandes was aeffective leader who improved low cost government service airport, Air Asia. Being a goodleader Fernandes supported AirAsia at the time of Crisis when its plane got crashed. However,he provides immense support to employees and also right guidance to achieve organizationalobjectives in a given time span. Not only has this but he worked with staff and crew forincreasing level of motivation among them. Accordingly, Fernandes keep on learning new thingsabout AirAsia. Furthermore, accident of AirAsia Flight 8501 into the Java Sea depictedcontribution of Fernandes to a great extent. At the same time leader used that accident asevidence for people to show that how AirAsia is different from other airlines. It is because unlikeMalaysia, AirAsia handled accident in favorable manner just because of support from a greatleader as Fernandes. Here, he looked after families of passengers and expressed empathy towardsthem. He used effective mode of communication like Twitter and other social media andprovided time to time information to concern parties. After this incident took place he has beenin the spotlight and acknowledged people that the reason for the same was bad weather. He wentthrough televised news, conferences and stated that “I am liable towards the organizationbecause I am leader and it’s my prime responsibility” (AirAsia's CEO respond to Crisis,2016).Furthermore, he provided lasted updates to families of passengers and compensate them in verywell manner. Owing to this, many families praised AirAsia for being responsible andarrangements accommodation and transport facilities. It reflects that boss of AirAsia isaccountable and willing to take responsibility of its workforce. In addition to this, at the time ofcrisis leader of airline proved to be effective for all passengers. It aids to create lastingimpression of company in the market (Damant and et. al., 2013). Thus, Fernandes used his power2
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