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Case Study: Askew’s Foods Vs. Wal-Mart.

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Running Head: Case Study: Askew’s Foods Vs. Wal-Mart Case Study: Askew’s FoodsVersus Wal-Mart[Document subtitle]
Case Study: Askew’s Foods Vs. Wal-Mart 1Answer 1Askew’s Strengths and Weaknesses StrengthsWeaknesses Effective order management system through emails.Proper follow-up of rural home delivery systemFrozen food lockers and groceries The poor structure of its supermarket and general merchandise storesSmall chain stores (Askew's Foods vs.Wal-Mart: Sustainable versus Low-Cost 2011, P.N. 5).Poor efficiency of building long-term relationship with existing clientsWal-Mart Strengths and Weaknesses StrengthsWeaknesses Adaption of environment-friendly environment structureWell-established BC grocery chainPresence of high-quality products Use locally produced raw material to prepare final productLess competitive strategies (Askew's Foods vs. Wal-Mart: Sustainable versus Low-Cost 2011, P.N. 5)Answer 2There are a lot of responses which can be made by Askew's to Wal-Mart's interest in operating a store in Salmon Arm. The first and the foremost response is that the Wal-Mart entry in the new geographic market will come with a huge influence on supermarket and general merchandise

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