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Running head: BUSINESS ETHICS AND VALUEBusiness Ethics and ValueName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1BUSINESS ETHICS AND VALUEPART 1They should give equal-consideration into all people-preference. Although it isunderstandable for Tris-pyjamas manufacturer into dump those unsold pajamas, they should atleast provide some compensatory steps toward avoid second harm toward the parents or familymembers, such as giving allowance or finding more solution for a better way toward disposethose carcinogenic-pajamas toward prove the respect on human life, by not just putting all theuser’s health on risk for the profit sake. Also, consumers have the right through sue themanufacturers on this case and they should have been ready into receive any “deserve” outcome,such as people resist into buy their products anymore or being an infamous company. In thiscase, Tris pajamas dump those harmful productions in other countries will actually cause a lot ofbad effect that might minimize the happiness of users as their health condition were beingthreaten by using the chemical-contained-pajamas (Albertine 2014). The manufacturers shouldhave known their products were harmful at first before the products were sold. Also, themanufacturers of Tris pyjamas should actually apply the theory of utilitarianism as this theorymentioned about producing maximize pleasure or happiness for greatest number of people duringan act. In this theory, people who promote greatest-human-welfare are-praiseworthy and peoplewho live not-are-blameworthy. Besides, Kant’s Ethics of Duty Theory will do suitable throughapply in this case, whereby this theory emphasizes-on-the respect for persons and provides astrong based for-rights, such as human right cannot do violated (Cohn 2017).They should workhard in coming out with ways into solve the problem but not just into dump their pajamas at theirown-self-interest.Thus, the action that the manufacturers take were actually arguable depending on thepoint of view with that governs by certain department. While from the theory of-Socialism, it’s
2BUSINESS ETHICS AND VALUEan economic-system that oppose from the capitalism. Based on the Ownership-Theory, theobjective for a company into run its business is toward maximize returns into their shareholder,whereby the shareholders’ interests are-supreme-and the most important (Demeneix 2014). Also,according into the theory of Capitalism, the major-decision of operation-and distribution areoften made by private-enterprises which exist-separately from the people-associated with themand have private-ownership of the major production like machines, land and so on. They are abletoward set their own-rules as well as-regulation and are mainly motivated by profit wheremaximizing the shareholder’s wealth are-outweighing any other-obligations. In the perspectiveof pajama’s manufacturers, they were just performing their task through maximize returns intoits investor as well as into reduce the losses (Farhat 2013). Hence, it is understandable for themanufactures of Tris-pajamas into dump their unsold and “problem” pajamas into othercountries. They might not do legally wrong as dumping in certain countries are consideredlegitimate as well as private enterprise should live free from undertake public-responsibilitiesthat properly-belong through the government, based on Milton-Friedman’s view. It operates bythe public ownership-of-property and a planned-economy where dumping is not right and muchmore difficult than in a capitalism economic system as it is governed by a central government ina better and tighter controlling system (Leonard 2015).They have toward weigh between the losses into their profit and also the cost through thesocial, environment and the public. This action is considered as dumping, which is an unethicalaction, into sell or export the same goods at a price lower than in domestic market or wheregoods have been-banned-or known as-hazardous in home country into overseas. However, mostcorporate today will often see their profit as priority and everything else except from benefit willlive mostly disregarded such as the corporate social responsibility and the ethical issues (Lu et
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