Department of Administrative Services : Case Study

Added on - 16 Mar 2020

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Running head: CASE STUDY: DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICESCase Study-Department of Administrative ServicesName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s Note
2CASE STUDY: DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICESPart1 : Develop a threat and risk assessment for PII data for the MyLicenceportalIt is identified that there are number of risks as well as challenges which are associatedwith personal identifiable information for the MyLicense portal. The risks as well as challengesinclude:Malware infection that helps in unleashing targeted attack:It is identified that due tomalware infection in the portal of MyLicense the personal identifiable information get affectedas it is found that malware infections assist in unleashing the targeted attack (Juels & Oprea,2013).The malware are delivered by the cybercriminals by using the file sharing method.Cybercrime:It is identified that personal identifiable information that are stored withinthe portal can face security as well as data protection issues as well as challenges as cybercrimegenerally encompasses hacking, phishing, unauthorized data access as well as interception ofvarious significant data of various departments as well a their associated users.Government intrusion:As the government wants to achieve proper view of the licensesthat are hold by the citizens, the government generally links data that are hold by the citizens andas a result the chances of data breaches of personal identifiable information from the portalenhances (Haimes et al., 2015).Migration of data:In order to get the facility of various services, the departments or theagencies need to migrate it data to DAS so that it can be easily consolidated into the centralizeddatabase of DAS (Hashem et al., 2015).It is identified that due to migration of data the chancesof data leakage enhances and as a result personally identifiable information that is present in theportal of MyLicense can be at risk.
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