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Case Study on Ethical Principles

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Added on  2020-05-16

Case Study on Ethical Principles

   Added on 2020-05-16

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Running head: ETHICAL PRINCIPLESETHICAL PRINCIPLESName of the StudentName of the universityAuthor’s note
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1ETHICAL PRINCIPLESMy response to Mr. Newcomb’s requestThe case study reveals the fact that Mr. Newcomb wanted to see his mistress in spite ofhaving a loving wife. Knowing that Mr. Newcomb is in the edge of his life, I would try to keepMr. Newcomb’s request and would certainly make arrangements, so that he could meet hismistress. At the same time I would also remind Mr. Newcomb of his duty towards his lovingwife, who had remained beside him all these years and have shared both joy and sorrows withhim. I would keep the decision entirely to him, whether he should cheat his wife who had beenwith him through ups and down or he would spend his last days with his wife. In spite ofknowing the harsh reality I will have to lie to his wife for making the arrangements as it is myduty to think about the physical and the emotional wellbeing of the person rather than sticking tothe truth. Application of the principles of ethicsFor practicing nursing with competence and integrity, there are few codes of ethics thatneeds to be followed for guiding the professional practice (Karen Tomajan, 2012). Nursing canbe defined as promotion, protection and optimization of the health and the abilities, prevention ofinjury and illness, alleviation from the sufferings by diagnosing and treating of the humanresponse and advocacy in the care of the individual (Lachman, 2012). Hence in this situation, thephysical well being of the patient is my first priority, rather than my personal interest.According to Chadwick & Gallagher, (2016) there are our commonly accepted principlesof ethics, that is respect for autonomy, principles of beneficence, non maleficence and justice.The four principles are non hierarchical and specifically do not trump another. One might argue
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2ETHICAL PRINCIPLESthat we are required to consider all the principles in to account while considering a clinical case.Yet, when two or more principles apply we can find conflict in them. Beneficence in nursingrefers to the actions taken to prevent harm in patients (Huston, 2013). In this case study it isevident that Mr. Newcomb wanted to see his mistress for one last time, and refraining him fromhis last wish may bring him emotional distress preventing a peaceful and dignified death.Furthermore, the principle of autonomy states that the every patient has got the right to choosehis treatment above the consent of any physician and it is evident that Mr. Newcomb does notwant to continue any further treatment (Karen Tomajan, 2012). Although it is visible that such anact is actually deteriorating his health condition as a nurse one cannot force Mr. Newcomb tocontinue the care if he himself does not want to. Allowing Mr. Newcomb to meet his mistressmight be injustice to Mrs. Newcomb, but according to the principle of non maleficence it is theduty of a nurse to inflict the least harm possible for reaching a beneficial outcome. Already Mr.Newcomb had been suffering from emotional turmoil owing to the deadly disease and the sorrowof leaving his wife forever, any kind of refrainment may lead to emotional distress in him.Personal beliefs and valuesI have learnt that nurses are often confronted with complex concerns in their practice andhence codes of ethics are the fundamental guidance for nursing. I am well acquainted with thefundamental codes of ethics, ethical decision making and entirely believe in providing highquality of care to the patient. I am well aware of the fact my act of lying to Mrs. Newcomb isquestionable and can be morally wrong, but the nursing codes of ethics have helped me toovercome all the professional obligations and provide the care that is appropriate for the patient.Nurses have to suffer from ethical dilemmas just as in this case, but a nurse should entirely focuson patient advocacy by setting aside her personal obligations. The nurse should entirely look out
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