Exclusive Tours Case Study: Strategic Business Driver, Violated Principles, Ethical Decision Making, and Value Chain Function


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Case Study

Exclusive Tours Case Exclusive Tours Case1.Based on a careful reading of the case answer the following questions and then complete the tables below. a.What is the strategic business driver of Exclusive Tours (i.e. operational excellence, customer intimacy, product/service innovation) and why did you make this choice? The strategic business driver for Exclusive Tours can be product and service innovation because they are right now lacking at providing differentiated services to different aged customers as well as they require customer intimacy excellence to attain comparative advantage in their services by healthy interaction with their customers knowing about theirdemands and requirements (Morash, E. A., & Clinton, S. R., 1998).b.Current Business Activities/OperationsViolated Information ProcessingPrinciple 1) Business Operation A: The company carried during business operation A this thatand that in satisfying customers...- Description of an information processing principle violated by the business operationAExclusive has a few experience centers (EXPC) to great malls in metro areasThe principle of limited capacity- since the amount of information that can be processed by the tour company is limited.Lot of time wasted in reading the traveling brochures of rivals and no time allotted to create their unique servicesThe two-way flow of information principle is violated here.Current Business Activities/OperationsViolated Hardware DeploymentPrinciples 1) Business Operation J: The company carried during business operation J this that and that in satisfying customers...- Description of a hardware deployment principle violated by business operation J1

. They have to share the special hardware at International tours with others to make the special booking. The single user operating system and hardware from MidrangeX are used which works slower as they are upgraded.To deploy compatible hardware components across the functional areas of the organization which is throughout similar rather than having any heterogeneity and not using Midrange hardware which is slower.Current Business Activities/OperationsViolated Software Deployment Principles 1) Business Operation M: The company carried during business operation M this that and that in satisfying customers...- Description of a software deployment principle violated by the business operationThere are two workers in each reservation and sales department. They each have computers in their offices and have single-user software from World Global reservations. The computers use Windows operating systems software on an IBM compatible software. This means that they have to exchange customer data by email.Shared databases are more efficient than the database for single-user software (Oakland, J. S., 2014).In the marketing section, the records of customers are kept by consultants on a pieceof paper, and they take a lot of time to go through their written notes to give the answer to the queries relating to their services.To avoid this haphazardness, a software product should be deployed to store all such reporting, rules, operational activities making it possible for a customer as well the market consultant to provide information conveniently.Changes to Current Business ProcessEnabling Application Software - Description of changes to existing business activity - Business application software type and module- Business application software type and moduleSocial media websites for communicating 2

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