Case Study on Healthcare Ethics

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HEALTH CARE ETHICS CASE STUDYHealthcare practitioners re meant to live by a certain specific moral code during their workinghours. However, the overall objective and goal for these ethics is to encourage patient safety andquality healthcare provision from the practitioners (Steinbock et al, 2013). In other words, theethical code of ethics are used as a guidance for the doctors, nurses and other members of thehealthcare sector who practice and provide health care services, in making sound and valuabledecision regarding the patients’ healthcare condition (Cherry et al, 2016). There are a number ofhealth care ethics that have always been implemented in the healthcare sector in Australia. Thecountry ought to protect its citizens and ensure practitioners’ capability to provide the bestservices to the patients. In this assignment, I will focus on discussing the ethics that are directlyrelated to the case study in question. Some of the ethics include:Quality Care ProvisionGenerally, the main role and responsibility for every nurse is to provide quality and upgradedhealth care services to their patients. This responsibility involves implementing or conductingother different activities or rather responsibilities like, administering drugs, making regularobservations and checkups, cleaning the patients’ beddings and changing them, taking bodymeasurements and being involved in conversations with the patients with the aim of offeringsupport and company among other duties (Timmins et al, 2017). The registered nurses are oftenin charge of other nurses whereby they should ensure that all these duties are carried outeffectively and efficiently (Hay et al, 2017). Quality care provision can be providing when nursesare well trained and are completely aware of their roles and responsibilities. This means that theyknow what to do, when to do it and where to do it. Every nurse should rather ensure that theirduties are performed on time and with utmost perfection to encourage patient recovery andhealth condition improvement. To add to that, it is important for the nurses to provide qualityservices to the patients simply because the service is directly related or connected to savinghuman life (Holloway et al, 2016). The nurses are basically the ones to determine whether thepatients’ health condition improves or worsens. The nurses are in charge of taking care of thepatients before they are admitted into the hospital and after they are admitted till they recovercompletely.2
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