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Case Study on the Influence of CRM in British Airways

Added on - 03 Jun 2020

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Case Study
AbstractThe case study demonstrates the influence of CRM on the performance of BritishAirways. The objectives of the case study is to identify the importance of CRM for deliveringairline services to customers of British Airways.Customer relations is the process of formulatingand developing relationship with the customers by making communication with them afterselling particular products or services.To carry out the case study efficiently, precise researchmethodology has been used by the researcher. Data has been collected from secondary sources.This helps him in analysing and current impact of customer relationship management system onBritish Airways. Secondary source of collection of data includes gathering data from books,journals, articles proposed by different authors and researchers. In order to accomplish the aimsand objectives of the case study, the researcher has analysed relevant articles, books and journalswhich helps in providing robust evidence to the research.
Table of Contents
CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION1.1 Title“To identify significance of customer relationship management for business enterprise” -A case study on British Airways.1.2 IntroductionThe process of managing, analysing, interacting with customers with the aim ofimproving the relationships between customers and companies so that customer can be retainedand organisation able to promulgates sales is known as customer relationship management(CRM) (Rouse, 2017). In the era of globalisation and trade liberalisation, many national andmultinational organisations are establishing their business in the market economy of UnitedKingdom. Thus, in order to sustain in the competitive environment customer relationshipmanagement plays crucial and essential role for the organisation. In this context, the followingcase study will present the customer relationship management used by British Airways in orderto increase customer satisfaction and attraction. British Airways is one of the leading and mostreputed aviation industry incorporating in United Kingdom. The airlines is one of the world's1Illustration1: British Airways(Source: Boeing 787-9, 2017)
longest established airlines which was founded in 31stMarch 1974 (History and heritage,2017).Headquarter of the organisations is located at Waterside, Harmondsworth, United Kingdom.There are more than 45000 employees currently employed in the organisation in more than 100countries (Pearson,2016). Approximately, hundreds of thousands people travel in airlines. It isvery essential for the management of airlines to coordinate with the customers efficiently so thatrelationship with them can be improved adequately.The management of British Airways needsto make drastic cost saving with external spend. Thus, eventually, British Airways implementedTeradata Customer relationship management system on Integrated Commercial Warehouse(ICW). There were ample of advantages that Teradata Customer relationship managementsystem gave to the British Airways. It was easy to use and analytical team of the organisationneeds to give minimum efforts to comprehend and calculate the queries of customers. The speedof accessing data has been greatly improved on Teradata (Grégoire, Salle and Tripp, 2015). Forattaining research objective the current investigation will follow a very systematic process. Thisprocess will comprise literature review, research methodology and data analysis chapters. Allthese segments of investigation process will help in getting appropriate solution of the researchproblem.1.3 Background of researchIn present era, use of information technologies are increasing rapidly. With the help ofinformation technologies and systems, the management of organisations can monitor, superviseand coordinate with each other effectively and efficiently (Wirtz and Lovelock, 2016). In orderto coordinate with customers precisely, management of firms install integrated communicationsystems, utilises digital technologies and uses traditional methodologies so that they can servecustomers better and efficient. British Airways is one of the leading airlines company of UnitedKingdom which has been focusing on improving the customer relationship. Despite of deliveringprecise services to the customers, the organisation is facing issues related with managingrelationship with customers. The organisation is using various methodologies like they haveimproved company's website, using telephone to communicate with passenger, live chat, directmail and social media. Thus, the following case study aid in analysing the importance ofcustomer relationship management and its affects on customer behaviour and brand loyalty.2
1.4 Rationale of studyThe case study is based on analysing the significance of customer relationshipmanagement of British Airways. We are living in the world which is characteristics bydynamism where each and every organisation is strive to perform better (Lacey, 2015). The casestudy will help in analysing the impact of effective relationship with customers in growth anddevelopment of business organisation. Customer satisfaction plays vital role in business growth,thus it is very important for the organisation to focus on delivering excellent quality of servicesso that customers issues and problems can be resolved and efficient relationship can bemaintained. Furthermore, this case study will aid in providing the best recommendations to themanagement of British airways, so that their customer relationship management systems can beimproved and they can drive on the path of growth and development.1.5 Problem statementThe case study concentrates on the challenges and issues faced by the British Airwaysrelating with maintaining customer relationship. From the analysis of the websites and customerreviews about the organisational services, it was identified that majority of customers remaineddissatisfied with the services delivers by British Airways. Further, the management has notinstalled and upgraded technologies and customer relationship management systems. Manydepartments including human resource department of British Airways were not implementingchange in the organisation and thus becoming barrier in growth and development of organisation.1.6 Aim and objectivesAim“To analyse the influence of customer relationship management on the performance ofbusiness”: case study on British Airways.ObjectivesThe objectives of the following case study is listed below:To comprehend the aspect of CRM.To analyse the importance of CRM to business services of British Airways.To identify the usefulness of CRM for generating customer attraction, retention loyaltyand commitments towards British Airways.To provide suggestions which can be incorporated by the management to improve theoverall performance.3
1.7 Research questionsThe questions for case study are listed belowDescribe the aspects of CRM for British Airways?\Explain the importance of CRM to business services of British Airways?Describe the usefulness of CRM for generating customer attraction, retention loyalty andcommitments towards British Airways?Explain how British Airways will able to improve their performance?1.8 Structure of case studyIn order to accomplish the aim and objectives of case study, it is very important for theresearcher to establish precise structure. This will help the end users to comprehend and developbrief understanding about the case study. In this context systematic structure will be formulatedin the following case study which are described below:Chapter 1: Introduction-Introduction will be the beginning of the case study. In thischapter brief information will be provided by the researcher about the case of CRM ofBritish Airways. By reading introduction an individual can comprehend about thedirection of case study. In this way, end users will able to comprehend about the goalsand purpose of case study efficiently.Chapter 2: Literature Review-Literature review is the biggest chapter in the case study.The aim of literature review is to establish theoretical framework of research. In thischapter, researcher will identify and analyse the articles, journals, books written by seniorscholars. This will aid in increasing the effectiveness of the case study and researcher willable to generate robust evidence.Chapter 3: Research Methodology-In this researcher will use different tools andapproaches of research so that effective framework can be created. This will aid the endusers to identify the structure of case study and they will able to understand the aim andobjectives of case study.Chapter 4: Findings and Analysis-This is the fourth and most important chapter of thecase study. In this chapter, researcher will analyse and interprets the gather datasystematically so that efficient outcomes can be produced. It can be done in many waysbut in this case study, researcher will use thematic analysis to interprets the collecteddata.4
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