Case Study of 9/11 Attacks

Added on - 16 Mar 2020

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CASE STUDY PLANBRIEF DESCRIPTION OF 9/11The September 11, 2001 attack commonly known as the 9/11 attacks was a series of fourcoordinated terrorist attacks on United States. The attack killed around 3000 People and injuredmore than 6000 people. It caused around $10 Billion loss in infrastructure and property damaged.The attack changed the minds of several leading engineers and brought up several questions overthe disaster. This has been consequently discussed over years and finally brought up with aconclusion which has amendments over the Construction Standards and Infrastructure Standards.MAJOR CHANGES AFTER 9/11The 9/11 incident brought up several changes in International codes. Some of them arebeing listed below.Elevators are required in High rise buildings (commonly known as skyscrapers), morethan 120ft tall, which makes it easy for the fire fighters to get to the point.Apart from a general stairway, there requires an additional stairway for high-rises morethan 420ft high.A higher standard for fire resistance must be provided in High rises more than 420ft high.Shafts enclosing elevators and exit stairways that have impact resistant walls.Self-Luminous exit pathway markings in all exit stairways must be provided, as it acts asa necessary one when both the primary and secondary lighting fails.These changes have been appreciated by several persons around the world. Some of themare,Charles Lewis (In a National Post) said. “The Code Council has done an admirable job inthat regard. Beyond that, building owners, operators and state and local governments willneed to be ever vigilant and tailor their preventive strategies based on threat and riskassessment.”TOPIC TO BE CONSIDERED FOR CASE STUDY:ELEVATORS:In the modern world elevators has become an ideal part of the life style. Being in a highrise building there needs to be adequate provision of Good working elevators at a speed ofmovement. Considering the fact of safety and the provision of speed evacuating of the personsfrom an accident zone it brings up important to notice. Henceforth it is being considered for thecase study.Not only provision of adequate elevators also the provision of fire protected, andstructurally hardened elevators must be provided to bring emergency response activities in highrise buildings by providing active tactical decision aids.ADDITIONAL STAIRWAY:1
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