Case Study of Business Environment - McDonald

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PESTLE analysis is a tool or framework used by the marketers for analysing andmonitoring macro environmental factors that are putting a huge impact on an enterprise (Harrisand Ashton, 2011).The result obtained from the pestle analysis are used in identifying threatsand weaknesses of company. The impact of external factors such as political, economical,social, technological, environmental and legal factors of McDonald are described in this project.Rules or norms of government are playing a vital role in the business environment. McDonaldhas to design its business policies and strategies in such a way that can minimise the impact ofpolitical dynamics like taxation.The second one is related to economy i.e.economic factor.Taxation rate and inflation are the major component of economy. By concentrating on theseelements,enterprise will decide that where it has to purchase best quality raw material atminimum prices.They also have to decide from where the goods have to manufacture so that lesslabouring or production cost incurs. The third one issocial factorwhich is very important whencompanyis designingtheirstrategies.(Von Suchodoletz and et. al., 2013). Cultural values, livingstyle of people, etc. put their impact on the business. McDonald are making attractive policieslike they are offeringtheir fast foods along with toys which is attracting a large number ofchildren.This has been analysedthatthis policy of giving meal along with toys are increasingtheselling rate of fast food. But due to that the problem of obesity has been arisen in largenumber of kids. So, government in some ofthenations have strictly prohibited the selling of toyswith meals.Technological factorsare also impacting a lot on the performance of organization(Pestle Analysis of McDonald, 2017).Advanced technology is needed by McDonald in order toproduce high quality products and delivering such to their consumers. These moderntechnologies are providing best backups to the management of enterprise.Organization can promote home delivery by using online ordering system with the helpof internet.Legal factorsstate thatMcDonald has to concentrate on the legal requirements ofproduction of food. As company is doing their business internationally, so, it is important toconsider different rules and regulations of all countries regarding the employment laws, ways offood production, etc. They have to run their business by fulfilling those legislations.Environmental factorsare also considered here.Food Corporation always demand higher level ofhygiene production methods (Von Suchodoletz and et. al., 2013). Hence, the enterprise has toconcentrate more on such factors while manufacturing their food items. Public awareness1
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