(solved) Case Study of Cadbury

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Leaflet on CadburyHousing and education were keyfeatures of the employee benefitspackage at Cadbury Brothers in 1952,thanks to founder John Cadbury’s sons.In 1861, Richard and George Cadburytook over management of the Cadburyfactory on Bridge Street, Birmingham,and began to take an interest inemployees’ welfare. They created anew factory outside Birmingham,which they named Bournville, whichbecame known as ‘the factory in thegarden’.In 1895, the brothers built housing fortheir workforce, which turned into theBournville Village Trust in 1900.Young staff attended the BournvilleDay Continuation College for one day aweek until they were at least 18 yearsold. Cadbury-funded scholarships wereavailable on graduation. Shopcommittees were the first point ofcontact for employees’ work-relatedissues, except wages and hours, whichwere negotiated by trade unions.Savings vehicles included theBournville Pension Fund, into whichemployers and staff madecontributions. There was sick pay of upto 90% of base wage, and Workers’Funds available for prolonged illness.A Dependant’s Provident Fund paid alump sum to the next of kin if a maleworker died under the age of 65. Kraft is expected to seize uponweaknesses in the update as it considersraising its offer for Cadbury. The groupreported 7 per cent revenue growth,mostly derived from raising prices andchanging the mix of products, such asselling higher margin sugar-free gum.Analysts expressed concerns about thedrop, which extended the 1-2 per centslide in the first half.Cadbury expects commodity expensesto rise between 5% and 6% over theyear and be ''weighted toward'' thesecond half. Hanna said the companyexpects oil prices of between $US130and $US135 a barrel in the latter part ofthe year, compared with an average ofabout $US100 in the first half, whichwill push up packaging, energy andtransport costs.

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