Case Study of E - Commerce Assignment

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Research report for casestudy
ConclusionIt has been concluded from this report that in order to expand business, it is better for acompany to take its business in e-commerce sector. This would help in enhancing the customerbase, attaining and retaining the new ones etc. by which high profitability can be generated. Butas incorporating the online business, organisations have to develop a number of strategies todesign attractive and innovative websites whereby, customers can easily access the demandedproducts and purchase through easy modes.
EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThis report is based on “Sam's office” which provides small plants for the interior décorof offices. This association was established by VU graduates and operates in Suburb of NorthMelbourne where in Lara, West of Melbourne. This business is increasing, so number ofemployees are also increasing. So this investigation there will discussion about introductionabout industry Sam is thinking to expand business through e- commerce techniques. So in thisinvestigation there will discussion about different models i.e. Saas, Iaas. Saas is best because thisis time and cost effective which is relevant in current market. There is discussion about issuesand benefits of using new technique at workplace through e- commerce. At last there is providedsome recommendations through which it can be implemented in better way.3
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