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Case Study of Jamesville Branch Office

Added on - 27 Jul 2022

The assignment should be in APA format and should be single spaced. It should be between 3-4 pages.

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Facts of Case
This is a demand and supply of labor case in Jamesville Branch office of Ajax
Business Machine Company. There is shortage of labor in the sales position in the branch due
to disability, termination and also vacancy of positions in the sales department. The district
manager considers it to be a vital issue due to less morale and satisfaction on behalf of the
salesperson employees in order to leave the company. He points out that the geographic
factors or economic factors do not play any part in the staff turnover, the main problem lies in
the fact of poor staff training and less attention to the career development as well as
mentoring to the employees in the branch. Mr. Miller decides to adopt the approach of
keeping high performing employees on the sales department team as the high achievers rather
than a mixture of high and low aptitude score employees in a haphazard manner who will
later fail to deliver. He propose to the company branch to divide the high performing
employees into a team in order to achieve the two thirds of previous year’s sales quota and to
bring high profit into the business, while the other employees will be divided into second best
and the low performing employees. These group of employees will be given not so high
performing goals and training is to be provided on urgency basis to make them more
efficient.According to him, the major difference and fault lies in the management process
and the proficiency in sales training which are given within the company to the employees.
Strategy of Firm
The firm, Ajax Business Machine Company as per the district manager, Mr. Miller
formulated a strategy of hiring new talent on the basis of their aptitude scores and keeping a
highlevel performing team in order to deliver first output and fill the seats with urgent
vacancy. He also wanted individual growth and productivity of the employees in the firm
branch gradually. Mr. Miller though of 2 alternative approaches to bring the firm’s efficiency
back through a reorganization of existing sales unit. In the first approach, the best eight sales
employees will comprise to a best graded team managed by the sales manager, Maria. The
average number of sales employees will report to the sales manager, Sarah. The other
marginal low performing employees will be placed under the direction of sales manager Joe
who is on the verge of retirement due to senior age in the company. He thought of this
approach as being the solution of division of responsibilities and clarity of job tasks which
will make the employees feel less stress and under the relevant guidance, they can perform
well with the appropriate manager as their lead. The high performing team will get the target
of achieving two-third of the quota of previous year, while the medium performing team will
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