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Case Study Of Justin O’dowd

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Added on  2020-02-18

Case Study Of Justin O’dowd

   Added on 2020-02-18

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Running head: CASE STUDY OF JUSTIN O’DOWDCASE STUDY OF JUSTIN O’DOWDName of the StudentName of the universityAuthor’s note
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1CASE STUDY OF JUSTIN O’DOWD1.Describe how Justin’ s well-being might be impacted by his recent life events.It is quite evident from the case study that Justin has been encountering several problemsover the time which has contributed to his mental illness. The adverse conditions have impactedupon his physical, emotional and the psyche-social well being. It is evident from the case studythat Justin is very uncertain about his career as he had dropped out of the school and he had theresponsibilities of his family, to bear the financial support of his family. Justin had been in griefsince the demise of his beloved uncle Reggie. Justin had faced difficulties for being an aboriginalwith respect to his career, the repeated rejection due to racism and low esteem had cater to thepsychosocial problems (Kelaher, Ferdinand and Paradies 2014). Another factor is that at an earlyage he became the victim of Type 2 diabetes mellitus. The adverse effects brought by the chronicdiseases in combination which the psychosocial problems play a significant role in Justin’shealth challenges. Researchers suggest that frustrations and the problem of not being able toshare anything with anyone is a leading cause of depression and anxiety among the adolescentslike Justin (Elliott-Farrell 2004). 2.How might Justin’s cultural interpretation of mental illness be different from your own?The case study provided us with the idea that Justin was an Australian aboriginal. It is knownfrom time immemorial that the aboriginals are superstitious and mainly depend upon the homebased treatment (Vicary and Westerma 2004). From the 1:1 assessment it is evident that Justin’scommunity doesn’t consider mental illness a serious problem and consider that this can be due tothe influence of some bad omen which only comes to those, who have done something wrongand cannot be treated (Maher 1999). They find it awkward to approach the non aboriginal health
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2CASE STUDY OF JUSTIN O’DOWDorganizations. This may be due to the racism, biasness or dejection. On the other hand I belongto an Arabic family, and in Arabic culture, mental disorders are considered as serious problemsthat needs full attention as it hampers the lifestyle of both the family and the community (Ciftciet al.2013). In the Arabic community mental illness is considered as a public stigma and henceforth needs an immediate treatment to come back to the community (Dalky 2012). In the Arabianperspective the differential act on mental illness to that of the aboriginal is due to the ignoranceand stereotypes. 3.Identify how you own attitudes and values relating to mental illness may influence anycommunication with Justin?It has already been mentioned in the previous answer that my own cultural background inunderstanding of mental illness is different than that of Justin’s. In my culture mental illness isconsidered as a serious illness and needs to be corrected as soon as possible (Dardas andSimmons 2015). As we have already noted from the case study that Justin was an aboriginal andthe aboriginals have social stigma regarding the mental illness. Since Justin is a boy of just 20years old, his young mind is susceptible to any kind of trauma, be it the grief of his uncle’s deathand his feeling of low esteem and uncertainty about his future. As a nurse I should be able tounderstand Justin’s culture. I should be able to provide a conducive environment to Justin. As anurse I would be able to lead a transformative role in bringing out better outcomes in Justin. It isvery important for a nurse to have an acceptance to all types of culture and traditions(Chidarikire 2012). Whatever interventions that has to be taken should cope with the patient’sculture at least to some extent. Any negative attitudes regarding the patient’s culture and therituals have to be avoided. As a nurse it is very important to provide the patient with a holisticcare of approach and deal sensitively.
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3CASE STUDY OF JUSTIN O’DOWD4.How can partnerships with Justin and his immediate and extended family be developedand maintained throughout his journey of care?As per the case study Justin had withdrawn himself from socialization, he had also stoppedhis meals with his families. Therefore it is evident that Justin’s ties with his family weregradually unwinding due to his mental illness. It is therefore very important to reinforce thebonding once again. Justin had been suffering from acute depression and anxiety, which iscommon among the aboriginal teens. A partnership between Justin and his extended family isvery essential to give a combined care. It is very necessary to provide education to the patient’sfamily regarding the clinical condition and a joint venture would help to maintain a conduciveenvironment at home (Jorm et al. 2012). In order to accomplish this, it is very essential to mixand understand Justin’s culture. It should be noted that the counseling strategies taken up forJustin should be able to fit in to Justin’s cultural beliefs. A positive restorative relationship canbe maintained that would make Justin and both his family members absolutely comfortable to thetreatment. Understanding of the culture and the norms of Justin’s family would help to give aproper palliative home based care in a sensitive way. 5.What are the social and cultural implications for Justin leaving his home andcommunity for assessment and treatment in the city?It has already been found from the case study that Justin came from an Aboriginalbackground. Even in these years of progressiveness the ill effects of racism could not bedemolished, as result the aboriginals cannot rely on the modes of treatment provided by the non-aboriginals and manly depend upon the home based treatment. And it has already been knownthat Justin’s mother is having a strong bonding with her child. On being influenced by the
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