Case Study of Office Administration

Added on - Mar 2020

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Running head: CASE STUDY OF OFFICE ADMINISTRATIONCASE STUDYName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s Note:
1CASE STUDY OF OFFICE ADMINISTRATIONIntroductionAn office administrator is responsible for drafting important business documents targetedto customers and other organizations. In this case Monica does some blunders which results incomputer failure (Beardwell and Thompson 2014)..Discussion1. The skills required to be a good office administrator in terms of businessdocumentation are communication skills which includes writing skills, technology skills likecompetency to work with word processing software, spreadsheet, databases, ability to organize,and ability to manage time and finish work within deadline. A good office administrator shouldbe able to efficiently use the Web for research while documenting and should be able to handlethe applications which are specific to the employer. Competency with drafting e-mail,newsletters, presentation and reports are required (Armstrong and Taylor 2014).2. There are various methods for presenting a business document within my organization.The audiences for the business document are identified; the documents purpose are analyzed,the information in the business document has a logical flow, is clear, informative and concise,ideas are supported with logic and facts, the business document look professional, appropriatefont, layout grid are chosen and the documents are proofread before printing. Inkjet and laserand toner printers can are used to print business documents (Pribadi 2016).3. Speaking to a friend, I learned that business documents like memos, emails,summaries, and letters are presented following several steps like preparation, research,organizing, drafting and reviewing. Memos and emails have a subject line and formatting is donein paragraphs, business letters are formatted in block style with the exception of the letterhead
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