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Case Study of Rivercity Electronic Manufacturing Company

Added on - 27 Jul 2022

The assignment should be in APA format and should be single spaced. It should be between 3-4 pages.

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Facts of Case
The presidentof the company as per the notice, wants to conduct the election in 30
days where the it is to be determined whether the employees will be represented by the
International Metal workers union or not. This is a case study of human labor industrial
relations relating to trade union and dispute issue. The River city workers are hugely involved
in the trade union management.The various events of automobile agreement sign due to
turbulent labor management problems by the other workers to join union and the expansion
of union members to 500 made the management estimated previously that union leadership
by the workers would never have been possible in a company where benefits, compensation
are on average level of satisfying the worker’s motivation and the benefits they derive in the
form of compensation, retirement plan, health benefit plan and the not so tiring working
hours. However, when situations started worsening over the years with low workplaces
values and the politics of interpersonal among the team managers and the division of
departments with favoritism of benefits, the union membership began to rise.
Strategy of Firm
The firm was sure that the petition notice cannot be signed by much quantity of the
labor in the company. They arranged security with data protection for the election and
distribution of the cards. They sent all the letters to the employees from the operational to
middle level management employees. The firm does not want the election and the union to
form, therefore the runoff of the names of member of union have been recognized during the
process and through biasness, the top management decided a strategy to restrict the election
process. The top management people along with the suggestion of Attorney decided to pass a
notice to the labor that the workers have to get 30% above signs into the petition in order to
receive the membership to the union. The management was very sure that they will not be
able to make it. There was a very high belief that the workers will lose the chance for
membership to the union as there are every small workers engaged in the union activity,
therefore much of the workers and the white collar employees will not be involved due to the
adequate compensation with benefits provided by the company to them. The minor portion is
on the union which make the management strike a biased move towards the workers. They
appointed an employee to look for rumors and gather secret information from the union
members in order to prepare grounds for them to lose in the final election.
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