Research Methods & Processes - Case Study

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Research Methods & ProcessesThe case study is based on Alibaba a leading online retailers and its journey from publiccompany to privatized one. In this investigation, the major aim was to identify the problems thatare being faced by the mentioned entity however, some methods have been applied to reach theoutcomes. It has been witnessed that, it was crucial to gather sufficient knowledge in regard to thecase. The foremost research method that I have applied to this study is data collection. Datacollection is the foremost part of present investigation in which the accurate and reliable data isneeded to reach the objectives. For this study the data have been collected from secondary sources.For this, I have gone through the case study namely “ Alibaba Goes Public ”. Most of theinformation was gathered through this sources / case study, however readers of this major projectwill find some financial aspect for Alibaba that have been gathered from online sources. For thisinvestigation, I have not approached stakeholders or business partner of Alibaba. The secondaryinformation includes the practices held by the company as well as the strategics adopted to resolvethe business issues that have been gathered from the case study only. In addition, I have collectedinformation from online traditional media articles, books and journals. Moreover, the data related tolisting of stock prices of Alibaba on stock exchanges is collected through case studies and onlinesources.The readers of this project will find the application of various models from marketing andfinancial background. The major issue of this project was related to the financial and marketingproblem faced by the company hence, I have applied SWOT, Porter's five forces and financial ratioanalysis model to this investigation. Through reviewing the case I have found that the company isfacing huge competition in the market so I have applied Porter's five forces to clarify thecompetitive positioning of Amazon. The future employer will make aware with the application ofthese tools and techniques as in methodology chapter I have given proper justification in respectwith the application of such source. For the development of present project, I have also usedWeighted average cost of capital method that was helpful in calculating actual rate return over debtand equity sources. The application of this tool specifies that investors and will support theirdecision for investment in the selected entity. The readers of this project will also understand theapplication of regression analysis to the project. The research methodology of this project wassignificant for understating the various aspect that put major impact on the entire investigation, theaim of this project was to asses the financial and strategical position of the mentioned corporateentity that has been achieved through applying the various research methods. The readers of thisproject will understand the importance of research aspect that have been applied to the study.However, I have considered valid of research ethics throughout this investigation. The implication
of ethical consideration have been presented by me in the research methodology section. I havecollected all the secondary data through authentic and reliable sources. In addition to this, theinvestigation have been completed while avoiding the issue of plagiarism, furthermore I have citedthe entire work with appropriate authors. In this manner, I have used various research methods toconduct financial and strategic evaluation of Alibaba.Literature & sourcesThis investigation is of assessing financial and strategic position of Alibaba group hence, Ihave used many theories/literature sources /evidence sources to reach the outcomes of this study.For completing this project I was required to collect the information from various sources and toapply the theories for making relevant and valid findings. The major sources that I have used forthis study is case was given along with the requirements. This case was all about Alibaba GoesPublic in which the journey of the mentioned entity was specified along with the issues and theirsolutions that have been used to sustain the performance. The major aspect of this case have beenused all around the investigation as well as the information given in this case was used to achieveobjectives. I found this case study relevant for may objectives as the major aim of this investigationwas to identify the problem that have been faced by the entity and its respective solutions. Theimportance of this case is for understanding the problems that was faced by the companythroughout its journey. In respect with that, it could be said that the research part of this case studyhelped in identifying the problem that are faced by Alibaba. This case was also helpful in providingthe insights into internal matter of Alibaba so that the entire journey of company. Furthermore, Ihave collected the data from other secondary sources such as online traditional media articles,books as well as journals. Furthermore online library has also been used to collected through onlinelibrary. The use of such literature was important to acquire financial information that has helped inunderstating the ground term aspects of business. Nonetheless, various theories or models havebeen used for this investigation so that the information collected from secondary sources can beassessed in proper manner.The various models applied to the investigation are important to assess that information thatis in line with the company and can help in making effective strategies. The application of SWOTanalysis was useful for this study to identifying the weaknesses and strengths of the company aswell as the future opportunities and threats. With the help of this tool the organization can makefruitful strategies that will be helpful in achieving competitive advantages. The organization isfocused towards achieving competitive edge in the market so it has to look over the weakness andthreats and should take major steps that will be helpful for attaining goals. Furthermore, Porter'sfive force models have been applied to the study in order to assess the implication of five forces that
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