Case Study on Formative Essay Plan

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Running Head: FORMATIVE ESSAY PLAN: CASE STUDY1Formative Essay Plan: Case StudyNameInstitutionDate
FORMATIVE ESSAY PLAN: CASE STUDY2Formative Essay PlanStudent NameMatriculation NumberSummary of case study:Case Study outline: Mentally Ill, 87 Woman (Depression)Mrs. Jennifer who is 87 years old has been living with her 20-year-old nephew at her home forthe last two years following her husband's demise. She had been married for 62 years andwhen asked about her relationship with her husband, Mrs. Jennifer describes it as very lovingand affectionate. She even vividly remembers and narrates their youthful dates and says thatshe really misses his company very much. Before her retirement, Mrs. Jennifer had worked asan elementary teacher for 50 years. She still enjoys her pension to date. Mrs. Jennifer and herhusband had had six children together but three has since died from road accidents anddifferent complications. The other three are busy with their families in different cities inSingapore. As such Mrs. Jennifer's only accomplice is her 20-year-old nephew; Brian andBingo (dog) her longtime pet. However, a carer; Maria often visits Mrs. Jennifer to see howshe progresses with her life.Some 20 years ago, Mrs. Jennifer had been diagnosed with depression after the death of hertwo daughters in a very traumatizing road accident. She had since moved on after beingsubjected to psychotherapy by a local psychiatrist. However, in the recent past, Mrs. Jenniferhas been showcasing strange behaviors and has been her heard talk in her dreams. Shecomplains of mixed intrusive thoughts and nightmares and has had difficulty to concentrateduring the day. She also reports of sleeping intermittently. Of late, she has distanced herselffrom the social scene and has spent most of her time indoors. Most of the time she looksgloomy and distressed and for the last two weeks has had an eating problem leading to her
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