(Solved) Case Study on Musica

Added on - 31 May 2021

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Database fundamentals: Musica Case studyNameInstitutionProfessorCourseDate
Task 1Task 2 AJAYKUMAR PATEL-40126. Q 1: Creating database musicaCreate database musica;JAYKUMAR PATEL-40126. Q 1: Create table LabelCreate table musica.label (LabelNo varchar (10) Not null, Labelname varchar (10) Not Null,Address varchar (50) Not Null, state varchar (20) Not Null);JAYKUMAR PATEL-40126. Q 2: Inserting data to label tableInsert into musica.label (LabelNo, Labelname,Address,State) values('1','Mylucy1','258-NewYork 8','USA'), ('2','Polydor','800-NewYork 50','USA'),('3','Dad','54-victoria 3000','Chicago');JAYKUMAR PATEL-40126. Q 3: Displaying all label detailsSelect * from musica.label;
JAYKUMAR PATEL-40126. Q 4: Displaying label detailSelect Labelname from musica.label where State='australia';JAYKUMAR PATEL-40126. Q 5: Creating Release tableCreate table musica.Release (Release_No varchar (10) Not null, Release_title varchar (50) Not null,Length float Not Null, Release_date date Not Null);JAYKUMAR PATEL-40126. Q 6: Inserting release detailsInsert into musica.release (Release_no,Release_title,Length,Release_date) Values('2','Mummy-dad','8.26','2015-05-16'),('3','patriotism','3.69','2017-12-03'),('4','skin color','7.69','2014-12-13'), ('5','Love for music','7.69','2014-10-13'),('5','chrismas','7.79','2018-1-13');JAYKUMAR PATEL-40126. Q 6: displaying release detailsSelect Release_title,Release_date from musica.release where Release_title BETWEEN 'M' AND 'S';
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