Case Study on Obesity in Australian Children

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Running head: CASE STUDY ON OBESITY IN AUSTRALIAN CHILDRENCase Study on Obesity in Australian childrenName of Student:Name of University:Author’s Note:
1CASE STUDY ON OBESITY IN AUSTRALIAN CHILDRENResearch is nothing but the detailed study on any particular topic of interest. It is alsorelated to the detailed understanding of the topic and helps the researcher ascertain the reasonsdue to which the topic happens. There is however a difference between research andmotivational research. Research is the study of a certain phenomenon but motivational researchascertains the motivation behind a choice or the motivation behind a particular occurrence.Motivational research is important in today’s world in order to identify the real reasons behindthe occurrences of any major phenomenon so that the negative impacts of it can be rectified orcompletely removed depending on the degree of negative impact. The reasons behindmotivational research are many in number. It may be due to the curiosity of learning new things,the wish to understand social relationships, the criteria for the social awakening, sometimes dueto government prerogatives and many more. Apart from providing insight into a variety oftopics, motivational research also has several benefits as well. It is helpful in developingmarketing strategies of several powerful companies in compliance with the motivationalcharacteristics of the people; it also helps in the determination of the gradual evolution ofconsumer behaviour based on the decisions which they take in different situations. There areseveral techniques for conducting motivational research which mostly rely on simplicity as it isin the simplest scenarios, that people are most likely to show their true motivations.Obesity is an extremely severe health disorder which is harmful and is responsible forcausing health problems as well as has other detrimental side effects. Obesity is a phenomenonwhich is found in different age groups but recently it has become extremely common among theAustralian children as well as adolescents due to several reasons. It is an extreme cause ofdilemma for the doctors, nutritionists and experts as to the main reason behind this growing trendwhich is definitely a cause of alarm to all. Several reasons account for the occurrence of a
2CASE STUDY ON OBESITY IN AUSTRALIAN CHILDRENparticular phenomenon. Similarly in the case of obesity, several reasons come to the foreregarding this issue. One of the major reasons responsible for contributing to this obesity is theconsumption of frozen foods by the Australian children, adolescents as well as teenagers.Themajor motivational causes behind this particular choice need to be carefully studied andanalysed. The aim of this study is to understand the link between the frozen foods and the causeof obesity in Australian children, along with the probable factors influencing this particularlifestyle health issue. The impact of frozen foods on the phenomenon of obesity and theinfluences that cause the Australian children to consume such foods is discussed based on severaljournal articles. The aim of this research as expressed in the form of a literature review is tounderstand the causes and the connection behind the issue of obesity, it being a severe concern(Ogden et al. 2012).According to a research journal on nutrition relating to “The development and evaluationof the Australian Child and adolescent recommended food score: a cross-sectional study”understanding the patterns in nutrition are extremely important for analysing the impact of foodchoices on the children and adolescents of Australia. The results of the study aimed at indicatingthat the nature of the dietary fibres or the vitamins minerals and calcium for example led to thepositive impact on the children and others who scored less on the nutrition standards were foundto have fewer intakes of the vital nutrients and mineral fibres responsible for growth. TheACARFS is an important tool for assessment of the nature and the quality of the dietary intakeamong the kids in Australia. The kids with less nutritional intake were found to be weaker andunhealthy compared to the others consuming healthier food (Dixon et al. 2014).According to the British Journal of nutrition, on “The consumption of ready-made mealsand the increased risk of obesity” it is evident that the consumption of the pre-packaged foods by
3CASE STUDY ON OBESITY IN AUSTRALIAN CHILDRENthe children and adults alike are responsible for the cause of obesity risks as well as other healthdisorders. The consumption of ready foods, packaged foods and frozen foods of different kindshas replaced the initial normal meals cooked at home for quite a significant period of time. Thequality of diet is a significant factor in ascertaining the connection to the proposed health hazardsand other lifestyle disease risks. In several surveys which were conducted among people of allage groups, more than 95% of the respondents admitted to consuming the packaged foods andready-made food items. The results of the survey revealed that the fraction of the micro andmacro nutrients derived from the ready-made meals were just about 7% or contributed to 10%for the total cholesterol and 0.65% of the total fibre. It was found that the increased intake ofready-made meals was associated with the increased abdominal obesity. The ready-made andfrozen foods had very low compliance with the national nutritional standards. Thus the dailyintake of the ready-made meals and frozen foods has high chances of increasing the obesity riskas well as deposition of fat along with the cardiovascular risk and other severe health issues.A major cause of concern worldwide is the phenomenon of obesity so much so that it hasbeen given the name of a public health epidemic. It not only causes problems alone, but is alsolinked to several heath issues including heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and stroke. The increasingpercentages of obese people all around the world, has led to much speculation, and according tocurrent research, several environmental factors lead to the obesity epidemic and the major factorcoming to the fore as a cause behind this is the quality of the diet of the individuals in differentcountries (Monteiro et al. 2013).The daily lives and the fast pace is responsible for the consumption of frozen foods andready to eat food options. Working parents have a less chance of creating food for their childrenand hence they are exposed to more and more processed food and ready to eat food options
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