Case Study on Palliative Care

Added on - May 2021

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PALLIATIVE CARE1IntroductionA proper palliative care is not only vital for controlling the symptoms of the patient but is alsoimportant for extending the life of the patient, but bear several psychosocial implications.Identification of the two issuesThe physical issueThe video reveals the fact that Michelle was suffering from breast cancer and haveundergone a radiation therapy and within the palliative care that issues that she faced wasrespiratory distress, fatigue and burnout, pain and disruption of the skin integrity (Zaider, &Kissane, 2009). The video reveals the fact that Micelle was having difficulty in conversing andprobably she was suffering from a respiratory problem or she was having difficulties inbreathing.The emotional issueThe case study reveals the fact that when Michelle was under the palliative care shesuffered from extreme emotional distress she felt that she could connect no more with herchildren and cannot spend enough time with them. She was depressed as the deadly disease tooka toll on her professional life as well. She was in despair as she could not contribute to thenormal tasks of the household. Certain changes occur in the body after the chemotherapy or theradiation therapy that possess a direct psychological effects in the patient. The neurological andthe endocrine changes following a radiation therapy can pose effect on the psychosocialwellbeing of the patient (El Nawawi, Balboni & Balboni, 2012).
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